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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 25

My Favorite Video Game

Marvel’s made a lot of video games over the years, and in my experience, they’re a hit or miss. Some of them have been huge successes, while others have ended up bombing hard. Of all the games that use Marvel Comics, there’s one about a certain web-head that I call my favorite video game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 (2018)

Marvel's Spider-Man. My favorite video game

At long last, Marvel gave us their answer to the Batman: Arkham series with 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game starts with Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for eight years, and he’s gotten good at it. Aside from Jameson, most of the city loves him. He’s got a working relationship with the NYPD, and he just took the Kingpin. As soon as Kingpin’s behind bars, though, Spidey deals with a new threat in the mysterious Demons Gang. With a new suit and different gear, Spider-Man’s in for the fight of his life as he races to save New York.

favorite marvel video game

With a fantastic cast of voice actors, amazing graphics, and fluid combat mechanics, this game’s the best Spider-Man ever. That’s nothing, though, compared to how awesome it is to web-swing across New York. With the ability to run, climb, and web-swing across the island of Manhattan, you’ll never use fast travel. It’s one of the best games I’ve played in years, and a must buy for any PS4 owner.

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