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Taking Charge of the Domino Effect

Amphibia Episode 4 Review/Recap

Hi, I know that this review’s a few days light, and I apologize. I’ve been busy doing all my remaining posts for the Marvel 30-Day Challenge, and then my work for Pride Week. At any rate, this episode of Amphibia sees Anne deal with some reminders of home. Both times don’t end well, and involve Hop Pop.

The Domino Effect

Anne and Sprig are playing a form of baseball when they stumble upon a caterpillar that looks like her cat, Domino, back on Earth. Smitten right away, Anne adopts the creature and names it “Domino 2”, despite Sprig’s concern over its habit of biting him. That and Hop Pop wants no pets in the house since he takes care of them.

Hop Pop was right: don't take in a pet if you can't take care of it
This looks like something Star Butterfly would create. Caterfly Rampage Blast!

Domino 2 proves to be a handful to keep a lid on, with Sprig and Anne barely keeping it a secret. Eventually, they can’t keep him a secret any longer. To their horror, it turns out that the caterpillar’s a Coastal Kill-a-Pillar, an insect that eats amphibians. As it happens, Domino 2 has turned into a butterfly. To save the Plantar’s, Anne’s forced to set Domino 2 free into the wild with her toy mouse, learning her lesson. Surprisingly, Hop Pop’s very understanding.

Taking Charge

After realizing her phone downloaded the latest season for her favorite show, Suspicion Island, Anne gets the Plantar’s hooked on the show. When they wake up the next morning, though, someone’s killed the phone’s battery. The only possible way to get it recharged is a bio-electric creature called a zapapede.

Hop Pop charges Anne's phone up to 10,000%
That should be enough to last it all series!

Easier said than done. Thanks to watching the show, everyone’s paranoid and accusing each other of draining Anne’s phone. When the fighting gets too much, Hop Pop snaps and reveals he did it: he loved the show so much he binged it all in one night. Then, like a nutjob, he jumps into a pit of zapapedes’s with Anne’s phone, forcing the kids to pull him out. In the process, Anne’s phone gets charged up to 10,000%, so Anne forgives Hop Pop.


This episode touched me in more ways than one, as I too have dealt with the love for a pet. I cannot think of a time in my life when my family didn’t have at least one pet in the house. I still miss each one of them! If I had to pick, though, I think I liked Taking Charge better.

The reason why I think “Taking Charge” was the better episode is because I knew Hop Pop was the culprit! I’ve seen enough mystery shows to know that its the person you suspect the least. Called it!

I can’t really think of anything else to say about this episode, because it’s already been four days since it came out. Lost the window!

I give “The Domino Effect” and “Taking Charge” a 3.5.

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