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Anne’s Big Breakout

Amphibia- Hop Pop

Amphibia Episode 5 Review/Recap

The Plantar’s may have gotten used to Anne, but the residents of Wartwood still don’t trust her that much. She does make a breakout, though, in this newest episode of Amphibia. That, she and learns how to drive a snail.

Anne Theft Auto

After Anne asks Hop Pop to let her drive the family snail, Bessie, the old frog agrees, to her surprise. First, though, he insists that he read the book on her entire history. Anne decides to take Bessie out anyway, and she does a good job. Until she takes Bessie off-road and Bessie crawls into her shell and won’t come out.

Anne learns to drive a snail

While Sprig goes into town to find help, Anne’s forced to read the book on Bessie, and gets engrossed in the whole thing. As the plot demands, it also explains why Bessie hid inside her shell: they landed in an area filled with hedgehogs that eat snails! Using what she learns from the bug, Anne and Bessie work together to get out of the forest and get home. Thus, Anne learned to see Bessie as a living creature, albeit the hard way.

Bessie and Anne
Bessie is now my second favorite snail in a cartoon.

Anne’s Breakout

Anne's breakout

Anne wakes up one morning to learn that she has a bad case of acne on her face. While she wants to hide in the basement until it goes away, Hop Pop forces to come with them to the farmer’s market to sell Scream Beans. When everyone sees her zits, the frogs consider her “ruby-red warts” to be gorgeous. Next thing she knows, Anne’s the breakout celebrity of Wartwood.

Anne's breakout

Mayor Toadstool decides to exploit Anne’s new breakout status to help him in the upcoming election, and starts giving her the royal treatment, and she starts neglecting the Plantars as a result. But when her zits fade right before a big campaign rally, the Plantars don’t hesitate to help her out. Anne ultimately chooses loyalty to her friends over fame and fortune, and Mayor Toadstool gets pelted with fruits.


I love how close Anne has gotten with the Plantars in just a few short episodes. At first, Hop Pop wanted nothing to do with her, and here we see her treating like his own granddaughter. He trusts her enough to let her drive Old Bessie, something he hasn’t done with Sprig. When her breakout came out, he was willing to help her even after she started neglecting them. Anne’s really found herself a good family.

While this episode doesn’t look like it will affect the plot of the show, that’s not true. Mayor Toadstool’s re-election campaign’s been referenced before, and it likely will be again in future episodes. His actions in this episode could end up coming back to bite him, and I look forward to seeing it.

I give “Anne Theft Auto” and “Anne’s Breakout” a 4/5. A nice episode to show how much Anne means to the Plantar’s

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