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O-Lin vs Queen

One Piece Chapter 946 Review/Recap

When last left off on One Piece, O-Lin, AKA Big Mom, broke into Udon Prison in search of oshiruko, leading her to go head to head with the Warden, Queen. We all know that Big Mom’s going to beat Queen, but I was still looking forward to it. It’s O-Lin vs Queen.


O-Lin vs Queen ends in a knockout

O-Lin vs Queen ends up being a one-sided fight, with Big Mom taking him down in only a few hits. In the midst of all this, she breaks Kid and Killer out of their water prison. Better yet, the door to Kawamatsu’s cell’s been ripped open. With the warden out cold, the guards try to call Kaido for help, but their snails won’t work.

While O-Lin vs Queen is happening, Raizou and Caribou get ready to bust everyone out of Udon Prison

As for why the snails won’t work, it’s because Caribou and Raizou came up with a plan earlier to smother the main transponder snail to stop them from calling for help. Now Raizou plans to free Kawamatsu from his cell.

Big Mom attacks Luffy for eating the Oshiruko

As for Big Mom, she finds out that Luffy ate all the oshiruko and starts trying to beat him up since she wanted to share it with the people of Okobore Town. Luffy and Hyogoro almost get pushed out of the ring, but at the last second, Luffy removes their collars, freeing them. Surprised, Hyogoro decides to push Luffy’s training even further, ordering the pirate to protect him from Big Mom. He’ll put his life on the line to ensure that Luffy gets even stronger.

Big Mom vs Straw Hat is coming


Forget O-Lin vs Queen; the real fight’s about to begin very soon! I knew that Queen had no chance to defeat Big Mom, but I wanted to see how long he would last. I’m unimpressed, but I expected as much. Thanks to Big Mom, Luffy, Hyogoro, and their allies are now in a position to free everyone in Udon Prison. Thanks to Caribou, Kaido won’t know what’s happening until its too late.

I found myself surprised by Big Mom only wanting the Oshiruko to share with the townsfolk. Her amnesia has reverted her to the well-meaning kid she used to be. Let’s hope she stays that way if she gets her memory back.

The big surprise, though, was how easy it was for Luffy to get those collars off. He’s gotten stronger, but the real test comes with Big Mom. If he can put a dent on her, then Luffy may stand a chance against Kaido. Wano’s future depends on it. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Straw Hat vs. Big Mom!

I Give “O-Lin vs Queen” a 4/5. Good Build Up to the Real Fight.

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  1. According to One Piece fans smarter than me, Rayleigh did something similar to Camie’s bomb collar back at the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. People are also guessing its the same force field power the Admirals used to block an attack from Whitebeard during the Marineford Arc.

    • Armament Haki, that’s right! That’s how how Luffy was able to do it. If this keeps up, not even the Admirals will be able to beat him.

      Which is good, because I really want to see Luffy beat Akainu to near-death for murdering Ace.

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