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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 22

My Favorite Universe

Are you, dear readers, familiar with the Multiverse theory? It’s the idea that there’s an infinite number of co-existing realities and one of the best friends of comic book writers. Marvel has been using it to create stories separate from its central universe for decades, and they can be crazy. There’s one where all the heroes and villains became zombies; a world where evil robots ruled the Earth. Technically, the MCU’s an alternate universe in the Marvel Multiverse. Of all the worlds in the Multiverse, though, there’s one that I consider to be my favorite universe.


My Favorite Marvel Universe, Battleworld

My favorite universe seems like cheating since it’s made up of fragments of the entire Multiverse: Battleworld. A few years ago, Marvel rebooted the Multiverse in the grandest way possible: destroying it, then recreating it. Before that happened, though, Doctor Doom took the remnants of the Multiverse and combined them into a single world, dubbed Battleworld. This patchwork of the Marvel Multiverse was the following setting to the “Secret Wars” Event. While Battleworld got destroyed after Secret Wars, it’s since been remade as its separate universe.

There are two reasons why this is my favorite universe. First, Battleworld is a combination of almost every primary world or event in Marvel’s history. Eagle-eyed fans can spot references to some of the most significant moments in Marvel history. Second, Battleworld and its fantastic inhabitants remind me of Westeros. Heck, the southern half of world’s guarded by a giant wall like in Game of Thrones. The whole place screams fantasy wonderland, and that makes it my favorite universe.

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