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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 20

My Perfect Casting Choice of A Character (If I was In Charge)

I have been dreading this day; not because I can’t think of my perfect casting choice for a character. It’s because my perfect casting choice already exists. The MCU’s ensured that every character I know and love has gotten the ideal actor for them. So instead, I’ll tell you of the person who I call the best live-action Spider-Man.

Tom Holland: the Perfect Casting Choice as Spider-Man

My perfect casting choice, Tom Holland

I will always have a soft spot for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. They’re what introduced me to Spider-Man, and by extension, so did Tobey Maguire. Yet he’s not the best Spider-Man I’ve ever seen in live-action. That honor belongs to Tom Holland.

Why do I think Tom Holland’s the perfect Spider-Man? It can boil down to three main reasons. First, he channels Spider-Man’s wisecracking behavior from the comics. One of Spider-Man’s best tactics is to crack jokes and heckle his opponents in the middle of fights. It may seem immature, but it serves a purpose: it makes the bad guys mad, which makes them more prone to making mistakes. Tom Holland channels the web-head’s great sense of humor to a T.

Two, he channels Spider-Man’s spirit and determination. Spider-Man’s not the smartest or strongest hero Marvel has, but when it comes to his willpower, I see him as someone who’s almost unmatched. From recreating the iconic rubble lifting scene from the comics to his decision to follow Iron Man into space, Tom Holland captures the spirit and drive that made Spider-Man Marvel’s flagship character.

Third, and I need you guys to pay attention to this one: he’s the right age! Tom Holland was only 18 when he got cast as Spider-Man for the MCU; at this point, Peter Parker’s 15. That’s as close as we could ask to get. Tobey Maguire was 27 when he played Spider-Man, but he didn’t look young enough. That’s one of my biggest problems with his portrayal. Same with Andrew Garfield.

Tom Holland was born to play Spider-Man, and I hope we get to see him as Spidey for years to come. He’s my perfect casting choice for my favorite superhero. ‘Nuff Said.

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