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The Mysterious Captain Conner

Edens Zero Chapter 49 Review/Recap

In the last chapter of Edens Zero, Shiki and the gang learned that the last of the four Shining Stars, Valkyrie, is on the planet Sun Jewel. Thus, they set sail for the last crew member they need before leaving the Sakura Cosmos. But they run into an unexpected detour in the form someone called Captain Conner.


To reach Sun Jewel, the Edens Zero needs to take a detour around a vast debris field. They can’t use the fast travel to get there since the ship’s never been there before. As the crew’s talking things over, they notice they’ve gotten inside a group of space fish from the neighboring Aqua Cosmos. There’s also a man holding onto a steering wheel in the midst of all of it.

The man’s name is Captain Conner from the Aqua Cosmos; he got separated from his ship and has been drifting through space ever since. In gratitude for saving him, Conner offers to become the new Captain of the Edens Zero, which Shiki and Rebecca refuse since Shiki’s the Captain. They do give him a ride until he can find a place to stay, but he gets on several people’s nerves:

  • Going into the baths while Rebecca and Homura are using them (he thought it was a mixed bath
  • Using the dress factory
  • Teaching Pino to swear words

When the crew has a meeting about Captain Conner, they find out he got onto the bridge… and used it to get the Edens Zero to Sun Jewel in less than a day. All through the debris field, no less. This man, Captain Conner, is none other than the Captain of the ship called Edens One.


They need Captain Conner. On their crew. RIGHT. NOW. I don’t know who Conner is, but he would be a perfect addition for the Edens Zero. I was annoyed/amused at him helping himself to all the places on the ship (and teaching Pino swear words). Now, though, I’m with Shiki: he’s fantastic. While him asking to be Captain didn’t make much sense at first, I think that in the Aqua Cosmos, Captain may also mean “helmsman.” That would explain why he’s so good at flying the Edens Zero.

Then there’s the fact that he’s the Captain of the Edens One. I thought that the Edens Zero was the only ship of its kind, but that’s no longer the case. These two ships are connected somehow, and we’ll only learn how if Conner sticks around.

I think this chapter was a great way to get us in position for Sun Jewel, as it gave us a potentially new addition to the crew. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Captain Conner in the future of the manga.

That reminds me! We are approaching the one year mark for Edens Zero! I can’t wait!

I give “Captain Conner” of 4.5/5. Funny scenes and a new major character in one episode.

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