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Synthesis Is Evil

Sword Art Online: Alicization, Episode 20 Review/Recap

The last episode, we saw Alice renounce the Axiom Church but then deal with the Seal in her right eye as Kirito looked on. Meanwhile, Quinella was able to gain access to Eugeo’s fluctlight and began the process of turning him into her newest slave. In this episode, we get a look at how the Synthesis Ritual’s done, plus what happened to Alice before she was turned into an Integrity Knight.



Somehow, Kirito was able to stop Alice’s bleeding eye and then pull them both to the 94th floor. How he did it is beyond me, but it must have been a workout. Alice shows her appreciation by slamming him into the floor for getting her uniform all sweaty.

Using magic, they head down to Bercouli’s floor to retrace Eugeo’s steps, only to find the whole room frozen. As for Bercouli, he’s still trapped in that statue, to Alice’s horror. All she can do is watch as Bercouli, through sheer willpower, congratulates her for being the only person to ever break free of the Taboo Index. As a last piece of advice, he tells them that Chudelkin took Euegeo to Quinella.

The Deadly Web of Quinella

Alice remembers her first memory of meeting Quinella after the Synthesis Ritual, how terrified she was of her. She wouldn’t let that fear stop her now, even if she has to go through Chudelkin. As Prime Senator, Chudelkin oversees the Senators who watch over all in the Underworld and let Quinella know.

All the Senators are people that Quinella put through the Synthesis Ritual, I think.
I won’t lie. When I saw this, I felt my stomach churn from the sight.

When they find the room of the Senator’s, its a sickening sight: pods filled with white, featureless puppets that watch everyone. They only stop to feed. The one behind them all is that worthless Chudelkin.

Chudelkin’s Confession

When Alice has Chudelkin cornered, the monster sadistically reveals what happened to Alice. After being arrested, Alice was trained to be a priest under the guise that she could return home. When she refused to undergo the Synthesis Ritual, he forced the process upon here.

Chudelkin forces Alice to undergo the Synthesis Ritual

While Alice processes everything, the pig flees with her and Kirito in pursuit. Before they can catch him, they’re confronted by a new foe: Eugeo Synthesis Knight Thirty-Two. Quinella turned him into an Integrity Knight. Thus, the only way to snap him out of it is by beating Quinella’s hasty brainwashing out of him.

Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two, Quinella's newest puppet.


Wow, I knew that Chudelkin was evil, but after this episode, seeing him makes my skin crawl. He’s like a sociopathic, sadistic manchild who enjoys seeing others suffer. When I hear him talking about Alice as a kid, he reminded me of some sick pervert who gets off on this stuff. I know I can’t be the only one who got that vibe. Right?

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the big highlight: Eugeo got turned into an Integrity Knight. I have to give my fellow blogger, Karandi, points: Eugeo looks fantastic in his new armor. Do I think he stands a chance against Kirito? Heck no! I give it about 2 minutes, tops. Even if he didn’t have plot-armor, we all know Kirito would kick Eugeo’s ass.

So, next week’s the fans- I mean a fight between best friends. I stand by my two-minute remark!

Eugeo Synthesis Thirty Two vs Kirito

I Give “Synthesis” a 3.5/5. Suitable for Exposition, but lacking in the fighting.

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