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30 Day Marvel Challenge, Day 16- The Most Powerful Character



Hidey ho, all you nerds out there who must not have anything better to do with your lives. I mean, why else are you sitting in front of the computer and definitely don’t have a box of tissues next to you. We all know what they’re for… to stop the nosebleeds from seeing all those smokin’ hot babes in anime! JK, LOL. Really, LOL? Who writes this stuff, [insert bad writing joke here] Anywho, I’m your deadly neighborhood Deadpool.

You may remember me for Ryan Reynolds senpai’s portrayal of me on the big screen, or those times I fought in Death Battle and got played by Takahata101 (love ya, Nappa. Still waiting for you to call me). Or you may remember me as hanging around on ol’ Jay’s blog back in December. Well, I decided to hij- I mean borrow his blog again for this challenge.

Now you may be wondering, why me? Why of all people would you choose the Merc with a Mouth? Well, it has nothing to do with the fact that my movies were awesome. It’s more to do with the fact that I am just. That. Tough.

The Tale of Dreadpool

Don’t believe me? Then let Uncle DP tell you about his evil twin, Dreadpool.

Once upon a time, the guy who leads the X-Men while cosplaying as Walter White sent the Deadpool from another universe to a mental hospital. They wanted to help him get rid of his… quirks. Instead, the doctor screwed him over harder than Game of Thrones did when Jon didn’t take the Iron Throne.

What, too soon?

Anywho, this Deadpool had the same power that all DP’s have: that voice in their head that reminds them that their existence is a lie and they’re fictional characters. Only now, it told him to do something about it. So this Deadpool decided to break the cycle and proceeded to kill every last character.

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe

I’m talking hero, villain, mutant, inhuman, gods. Not even freaking Galactus was spared, and that guy eats planets!

Yeah, I Rule!

After he finished racking up a body count higher than all of Game of Thrones combined, Dreadpool went to other universes and started to do the same thing. But he made one fatal mistake. He messed with my chimichanga night! Just kidding! Seriously, though, I kicked his butt.My point is, if that Deadpool could kill every last character in the Marvel Universe, then so can I. Ergo, that makes me the strongest.

Deadpool vs Deadpool

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