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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 13- Your Least Favorite Character

‘Your Least Favorite Character’ in Marvel? This one will be harder than I thought it would be. I am a person who, if I don’t like a character, will avoid them like the plague. That, or I loathe their very existence.

While there are a lot of characters that I loathe because I hate them, most of them are villains, so that’s their job. If I am honest and picking a character I hate more than anyone else; it’s might as be the one based on the man that I would go back in time to throw stuff at.

The Hate Monger

Hate-Monger, my least favorite character

His name may sound stupid, but few people have as much blood on their hands as the Hate-Monger. If you have not heard of him before, I don’t blame you. He’s not that big of a villain. You may have heard of his real-life counterpart: Adolf Hitler.

Back in the 60s, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created him as a villain for the Fantastic Four to fight. In the Marvel Universe, Hitler burned to death at the hands of the original Human Torch, but that was not the end. Dr. Armin Zola found a way to transfer his mind to a clone, letting him escape justice for all he wrought. Years later, he would resurface to spread hatred and bigotry throughout the world.

Hate-Monger Survives

Aside from my deep-rooted hatred for Hitler, the reason this guy’s my least favorite character because the idea seems dumb. I know that hatred and racism are two genuine threats to the world. Consider, though, the fact that Marvel has plenty of villains that deal with racism and hate. The Red Skull was Hitler’s protege, and he’s deadlier than Hitler ever was. Half of the X-Men’s rogues gallery has racist, mutant-hating jerks. The Sentinels are a mechanical product of hatred towards mutants!

When you put all that in perspective, Hate-Monger seems pointless. The idea of Hitler coming back is scary, but I think he’s better as an abstract, unseen force of evil. Luckily, Hate-Monger’s dead for good, which is good, because if Magento got his hands on him, he’d subject him to the worst pain imaginable.

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