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The Next Destination. Edens Zero Heads for the Sun Jewel

Edens Zero Chapter 48 Review/Recap

Well, this has to be the shortest tournament arc I have ever seen in a manga. It was also the most one-sided since the team plowed through Xiaomei’s champions. Now, it’s time for them to get their prize: Valkyrie’s location! The new chapter of Edens Zero is out!

Edens Zero Chapter 48
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TP-7000 Replica fighting bot.
So it really was just a replica, huh? Guess my theory was wrong, not that I care.

After beating up the Valkyrie replica, it turns into an ordinary training robot. As it turns out, the 4 Starshines of the Demon King are too unique. Xiaomei used her knowledge to program the robot to resemble her. Having been entertained, though, she fulfills her part of the bargain.

Sun Jewel, the Edens Zero next destination

Valkyrie’s located on the Planet of Jewels, the Sun Jewel. Having gotten what they needed, the crew of Edens Zero heads out. Before that, though, Xiaomei gives Shiki one last piece of advice: Mother is real. She received her powers from Mother herself, but in exchange, she no longer knows where she is. She is the most powerful sorceress in the universe, able to grant any wish.

Shiki vows that the Edens Zero won't lose until they reach Mother

On the Edens Zero, Hermit reveals that Sun Jewel’s a planet rich in metals, but has a massive divide between the rich and poor. It also happens to be far away, so they get moving as fast as possible.

Edens Zero headed to Sun Jewel

Meanwhile, Xiaomei goes back to being the narrator and reveals that something is waiting for Shiki and his friends there.

Xiaomei resumes her job as Edens Zero 4th wall breaking narrator


Man, that whole tournament was a letdown. The Fortuneteller Baba arc back in the early Dragon Ball manga was more exciting than this, and it had the same premise. Still, I guess I can’t complain when we see the results. Or that no one in Mashima’s stories is immune to silly moments.
I know Mother is an all-powerful goddess, but I can’t help but feel like the whole “wish fulfillment” thing seems like One Piece. Think about it: they’re all going after Mother in search of their dreams.

As long as Mashima keeps making this manga funny, though, I don’t think I will have any significant reason to complain. So the next chapter will either show them journey to Sun Jewel, or we see them get there. From the sounds of it, though, they are in for some big trouble. Maybe we’ll finally see Shiki sweat a little bit because his fights have been too easy.

I give “The Star of Forevemore” a 2/5.

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