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Marvel 30-Day challenge, Day 11- Favorite Superpower

Marvel has tons of examples that I could call my favorite superpower. From Wolverine’s healing factor to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense, Marvel’s full to bursting with powers. There are even characters capable of warping reality itself like it’s nothing!

As much as I would love the chance to warp reality and turn all the plastic in the ocean into bubbles, I don’t trust myself. It would go to my head and drive me crazy. As fate would have it, there’s a power that’s adaptable enough to make it my favorite superpower.

Omnilingual Translation

It may not sound cool or flashy, but when you look at it, this is one of the most impressive powers a person could have. Omnilingual translation is the ability to understand any written or spoken language. When I say any, I mean any language, including the ones that aren’t from Earth. This power comes from a little known member of the X-Men’s branch teams, Douglas Ramsey.

Favorite Superpower- Omnilingual Translation, from Douglas Ramsey

With his mutant powers, Douglas was a natural at computers and programming, to the point where no one realized he was a mutant at first. Once he found out, though, he became a part of the New Mutants as Cypher. Then he got killed in battle and wasn’t brought back until years later.

After his resurrection, Douglas found his powers had increased. He could now read people’s hidden intentions and their body language, giving him an edge in combat that he once lacked. He may only have average strength and durability, but Cypher’s powers are incredible.

Why It’s My Favorite Superpower

So, why did I choose this as my favorite superpower? It’s because, with these abilities, a person would be able to understand any language in the world at once. No years of practicing or learning in a classroom, no language barriers, no wait! I could go to any place in the world and never worry about understanding the language. Mastering computer programming would take less than a day with it. I could play games from Japan without having to wait for translations!

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