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One Piece Gets Even Crazier Than Normal

One Piece Chapter 945 Review/Recap

To recap last week’s chapter of One Piece, Yasuie’s death has sent Rasetsu Town into a full-blown riot. Thanks to Zoro and Sanji protecting Toko, the Straw Hats have to blow their cover and fight, and chaos reigns! Back in Udon Prison, Kid’s got recaptured along with his crewmember Killer. Now unless Luffy and Hyogoro die, those two will suffer death by drowning. At that moment, though, Big Mom begins her assault on the prison.

So, you know, the sort of chaos you’d expect from One Piece. Let’s watch as everything gets worse! I got my popcorn ready.


One Piece Orochi is a jerk

As Orochi slithers off to his palace, he orders his flunkies to kill anyone lord to Lord Yasuie as his elite ninja squad arrives. Usopp escapes with Toko as Sanji and Zoro clash X Drake and Kyoshiro.

Zoro puts his fight on hold, though, when the ninja go after Hiyori, forcing him to get her to safety. Much to Sanji’s fury.

As the riot progresses, Law moves to free his crew, only to be blocked by Basil Hawkins. He’s holding the Heart Pirates hostage with his Devil Fruit powers, and to beat him, Law risks killing his crew members.

Jotar, I mean Law, faces a formidable stan, I mean pirate
One Piece 9 Red Sheaths

Meanwhile, The Kozuki retainers apologize to Ashura for deceiving him to get his help. Instead, Ashura takes them somewhere to show them something. Whatever it is, it won’t be good.

One Piece Big Mom is here

In Udon Prison, Big Mom has broken into the prison, causing everyone to freak out. Even Luffy thinks its a nightmare! Big Mom politely asks for some oshiruko, but Queen refuses (thank god neither know that Luffy ate it all).

Giant Dinosaur

Queen then transforms into a brachiosaurus and prepares to fight Big Mom, who promptly beats his face into the ground!

Queen vs. Big Mom.


My biggest complaint here is that the chapter title is a bit misleading. Big Mom hardly appears in this chapter, and when she does, it’s only to show her getting ready to beat Queen up. We all know that Big Mom’s going to win, though; it’s a matter of time.

The big focus is once again on the Flower Capital, which is now in chaos. Worse still, Orochi and Kaido’s men are now aware that most of the Straw Hats are in Wano. That means they’ll be on their guard. This makes things a lot harder.

Then there’s Law and the Heart Pirates. As long as Hawkins holds them hostage, there’s no way to get them or the other rebels out. The odds aren’t good.

The only real progress made is that the Kozuki retainers have at least gotten Ashura to talk to them. I have a feeling that he’s only doing so to show them something tragic and sad to explain why he won’t help them anymore. Is it possible he tried rebelling before, but lost everything? That would make sense.

Sad to say it, but we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens. One Piece is on break next week, so the Alliance’s fate is up in the air. I’m still not worried, though. This is Luffy we’re talking about. He’s too stubborn to die.

I did like this chapter in the end, though I think they could have chosen a better title.

I Give “O-Lin” a 3/5. Needed more of Udon Prison.

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