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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 6- Favorite Organization

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

There are a lot of organizations in the Marvel’s multiverse, but until I say so, I’m sticking with the original. Of all the organizations in the Marvel Multiverse, there’s one that stands out above the rest.


Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

The Strategic Homeland Intervention & Enforcement Logistics Division, or SHIELD. SHIELD’s been around since 1965, and whether people know it or not, they’ve played a big a role in Earth’s superhuman community. Almost always led by Nick Fury, the international law enforcement agency serves as the UN’s muscle. They conduct espionage, deal with metahuman and supernatural affairs, and protect the world. Makes me wish that we had something like this in the real world.


On second thought, it may not be helpful. SHIELD’s done some pretty sketchy stuff over the years, and it has gone through upheaval. It’s even gotten disbanded at several points in the past. One time, Nick Fury led them on an illegal strike against Latveria, leading to him being branded a fugitive and newcomer Maria Hill put in charge. That was in time for Marvel’s “Civil War” event which tore the the superhero community apart.

It gets worse: Tony Stark got put in charge of SHIELD, and he did a good job at first, but then the alien Skrulls almost took over the Earth. Stark got the blame and became a fugitive, and SHIELD got replaced by HAMMER, run by Norman Osborn.

Thank god that didn’t last long, and the US put Steve Rogers in charge of SHIELD. Then he got replaced by an evil, HYDRA version and tried to take over the world. So, bye-bye SHIELD. This time, for good.

Crazy thing is that all the stuff I mentioned has happened in the last twenty years. The MCU version’s got it even worse.

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