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Another Victory for Edens Zero

Words Give Strength

Edens Zero Chapter 47 Review/Recap

Beyond the fact that she was trained by Valkyrie, we know little about Homura or her past. Aside from her inability to keep her thoughts to herself, that is. If she wants to find her master, Homura needs to get past Xiaomei’s duplicate of her. A psychological battle as well as a physical one awaits us in this chapter of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Chapter 47


Edens Zero

Homura’s visibly unnerved by the fact that she must find a replica of her master. So unnerved that she throws caution to the wind and goes on the attack. The replica, though, has all the original’s memories, and uses Homura’s weaknesses against her, pinning her to the ground.

Edens Zero

Try as she might, Homura is too frazzled as the memories of Valkyrie come flooding back.

Edens Zero

In a flashback, we see Homura was an orphan from a village that was destroyed. Before slaver’s could capture her, Valkyrie saved her. After hesitating, Homura follows Valkyrie, remembering her first lesson: ‘words gives us strength’.

Words Give Strength

In the present, Homura hardens her resolve, vowing to find her mentor, no matter what she has to go through. Ultimately, her resolve wins her the day, beating the replica Valkyrie, giving the crew of Edens Zero a perfect victory.

Edens Zero Dragon Flash


It’s important to a good story to establish its side characters. They need to be able to help hold the weight of the story. In a shonen manga, that also means being able to have their moments to shine.

Homura manages to do both of these in this chapter, albeit it’s only a brief moment. I had a feeling that Homura was an orphan, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that her village was destroyed. This happens more in Mashima’s works than one would think.

Like the previous chapter, though, I felt like the whole thing was too rushed. I hope that this could play out over a few more chapters to push Homura so that she would grow stronger.

There’s also the whole “replica” thing. For some reason, I don’t buy it. Call it a hunch, but something tells me that that’s the real Valkyrie and she lost so that Homura woul surpass her. We won’t learn for sure until next week, though, so it’s up in the air.

In the meantime, I hope that the manga learns not to rush with the pacing. Edens Zero has the potential to be good, but if this keeps up, I fear it won’t end up living up to my expectations.

I give “Words Give Strength” a 3/5. And I’m being generous with this one.

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