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30 Day Marvel Challenge, Day 2- Your Favorite Villain

Marvel is no stranger to amazing villains, many of whom have gotten the big screen treatment. The MCU has given us great takes on villains like Thanos, Loki, and Killmonger. Willem Dafoe gave gave us an amazing version of the Green Goblin. But of all the villains in the Marvel Comics, only one can be the best. For me, hat spot goes to Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto

Magneto, The Master of Magnetism

There are villains out there are far more powerful and evil than Magneto: Dr. Doom, Thanos, Ultron, Kang, the Red Skull, to name a few. The reason he gets my pick for favorite villain has nothing to do with his power or feats. I chose him because he’s the one a lot of people can sympathize with.

For those don’t know, Magneto was born to a German-Jewish family as the Nazi’s rose to power. His entire family was murdered during the Holocaust, so he knew first hand what humans would do to those who were different. He escaped Auschwitz alongside his future wife, Magda, and tried to move on from his past. No matter how hard he tried, though, he couldn’t forget the horrors of the Holocaust. When he learned he was a mutant and that there were others like him, he knew what was coming, what humanity would do. So, he vowed to never let that happen, regardless of what lines he had to cross.

What separates Magneto from other villains is his motives. Yes, there is the desire for world domination and power, so his ego is a part of this. At his core, though, he’s a man who saw the darkest of human nature, and he never wants to see that again. The worst part, though, is that on some level, Magneto’s right.

Ask yourself right: do you think the fears of Magneto are unfounded? That this could never happen? It happens all the time. Persecution, racism, genocide, destruction of entire cultures. The Holocaust isn’t even the biggest example! This stuff has been happening since humans got the idea that one way of life is better than everyone else.

Magneto was broken by war and violence, and since he saw that it got results, he responded in turn. He hasn’t always stayed a villain, staying more in the grey area between villain and anti-hero at times. He remains a tragic victim as much as an agressor, and that’s what makes him such a good villain. It’s why I like him so much, and why he’s my favorite villain.

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  1. I considered Magneto, but he is sometimes more of an anti-hero or even a hero than villain. Personally, considering his life i think his hatred for humanity is justified and I often find myself on his side.

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