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Zoro’s Madder Than Usual

Orochi may think that he’s won with the death of Yasuie, but all he’s done is sign his death warrant. In this chapter, we watch as the biggest cracks in Orochi’s regime appear. And it is glorious.

Give it up, Hancock. Luffy will never date you.


As unhappy as Zoro and Sanji are being reunited, they’re both livid at Orochi. Enraged at Yasuie’s death, Zoro goes right for Orochi. Just when it looks like he may get him, Kyoshiro intervenes, and Orochi runs back to his mansion like a coward. The Straw Hats that are in the Flower Capital jump in to provide a distraction so that their friends can escape with Toko and her father’s body. Soon, the entire area’s in chaos.

Back in Udon Prison, Luffy knows his friends will get out of this mess, but he’s still in hot water with the death sumo battle. To make matters worse, the escaped Kid has been recaptured and brought in, along with Kamazo. To everyone’s horror, it’s revealed that Kamazo’s actually Kid’s crewmember, Killer. After being beaten and captured by Kaido, Killer was fed a faulty SMILE fruit, leaving him cursed to laugh and smile despite hating his own laugh.

Just to be a jerk, Queen has Kid and Killer sentenced to water torture. As long as Luffy and Hyogoro are alive, they’ll remain underwater until they drown. So, either way, it looks one pair is going to die.

At that very moment, though, Big Mom starts attacking the prison in search of her promised Oshiruko. She’s not in a good mood.


I have been saying it for the last several chapters, but I will say it again: Luffy’s freedom is imminent! Now that Big Mom and Chopper’s group have begun their attack on Udon Prison, I calculate that it will only be a few chapters before Luffy and Hyogoro are freed from their restraints. After that, we all know it’s only a matter of time before Luffy breaks out every last person in Udon Prison. Fifty thousand people, an army big enough to destroy Orochi.

Speaking of Orochi, that man’s every bit the coward that I thought he would be. If Kyoshiro hadn’t interfered, I think Zoro could have killed Orochi right then and there. But that would be too easy. I want to see one of the Kozuki retainers, or better yet, Momonouske, end his pathetic life.

As for the riot now taking place in the capital, this would be the perfect opportunity for the Alliance to free their captured allies. Little by little, Orochi and Kaido’s regime is starting to crumble, and it will soon come to a head.

I have said that the Wano Arc has been my favorite story line in One Piece, and it has not disappointed me so far. It keeps building to an amazing climax, and this chapter’s already making me excited for next week. PRISON BREAK!

Of course, we also have to worry about how Big Mom will react to seeing Luffy, or learning that he ate all the Oshiruko. Oh well, Luffy will find a way out of this mess, so I’m not worried.

I Give “Partner” a 4.5/5

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