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The Poison of A Vile Serpent

One Piece Chapter 943 Review/Recap

Just when you think that you have found the absolute worst in hate sinks in fiction, the bar is lowered yet again. In this chapter, we learn the curse of the SMILE fruit, and how it hasn’t just robbed the people of Ebisu Town of their happiness, but of their ability to show any other emotion. It’s enough to make me sick to my stomach.


A flashback reveals that Tonoyasu, rather Lord Yasuie, wasn’t just the guy who tried whipping Oden Kozuki into shape, he helped the Nine Red Scabbards become the warriors we have seen. Back when they were just Oden’s followers and tried stealing money from him, he not only gave it to him, but even paid extra so they could learn to become people Oden could rely on as Shogun.

He wasn’t giving it away. He was making an investment in Wano’s future. And I think he made the right choice.

In the present, Hiyori explains what she meant about the SMILE fruit robbing the people of the ability to do anything but smile. As artificial Devil Fruits, there was no guarantee they would work. In fact, they only have a 10% chance of even giving people powers. Anyone else gets not only the “no swimming” effect, but loses the ability to express negative emotions. Shinobu confirms the same thing.

This is heart-wrenching to hear.

Orochi cruelly ordered the defective SMILEs to the leftover town. It saved them from starving, but it cursed them as well.

In the present, Orochi shows his wickedness once more, laughing at Yasuie’s death and comparing Wano to heaven itself. Just then, Toko runs up to her father, tearfully, begging him to get up but unable to do anything but smile. Orochi becomes enraged at the sight of her and decides to kill her right then and there. Before that happens, though, Sanji and Zoro show up, and they do not look happy

I want those two to kill Orochi right now, but I can wait for the climax.


Hmm, this is a new feeling. A calm, tranquil fury and its all being directed at our new hate sink, Orochi. As for the SMILE fruits, it churns my stomach to know that something so vile was allowed to exist. Robbing people of the ability to show any emotion except a fake grin, an unwanted mask that they can’t get off.

The Joker from DC Comics would probably think this is the funniest thing in the world right now.

Orochi and Kaido are poisons, rotting Wano from the inside out. If they can’t remove them from power, Wano will be destroyed.

That said, I like how the explanation that they give for the SMILE fruits, even if it is messed up. Thank heavens the Straw Hats were able to stop the production of those abominations.

Now the main problem, though, is that Toko is in Orochi’s sights, and he’s not going to let her get away. Sanji and Zoro can hold him off, but that will just attract more attention. Orochi’s thugs may let their guards down now, but Orochi will stay as paranoid as ever.

One way or another, though, I am looking to seeing Sanji and Zoro fight Orochi next week. It’ll give us a good look at what the monster is capable of.

I Give “SMILE” a 4/5

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