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The Fortune Teller’s Blood-Crazy

Edens Zero Chapter 45 Review/Recap

In the last chapter of Edens Zero, the crew of the Edens Zero traveled to the the planet of Milidan to seek out a fortune teller to learn the whereabouts of Valkyrie. Then we discovered that the fortune teller was actually Xiaomei. This is gonna get weird.


Xiaomei confirms that she is the fortune teller that they are seeking, and that (since she’s the narrator), she knows who they all are. On a side note, she reveals why her planet is considered frozen in time. It’s actually the other way around: the moment they set foot on her planet, time everywhere else stopped. They can spend years there, but when they leave, they’ll go right back to when they came.

It’s like if the Hyberbolic Time Chamber but powered by DIO’s Stand, The World. Don’t think too hard about it.

At any rate, she’s happy to tell the gang what they need to know, but she doesn’t want money or information. What she wants is… entertainment.

She wants them to fight against her champions in gladitorial combat. Why? Because she can’t see the exact future, just the potential futures, like that which can occur because of battles. And as it turns out, she has a fetish for battles. A big fetish.

Wow. And I thought I’d seen Mashima do it all

Shiki’s the first to step up to fight, his opponent being an armored Zorg Warrior named Metal Bogey.

It lasted less than a second. And Xiaomei was very turned on by that. But that was just round one! The rest has yet to come!


Well, none of this turned out the way I thought it would. I could have guessed that this was going to lead to a tournament style event, as that’s common in Shonen manga. What I didn’t expect was the truth about Mildian. Or that the normally stoic and calm Xiaomei would end up looking like this!

After she’s finished drooling over Shiki (or the fight), she thought to herself about his relation to Mother. Shiki did say that he felt like he met Mother before, and Mother seems to know who he is. There’s so much about Shiki’s past that we know nothing of, and finding the truth is the big mystery behind the manga. Whatever Xiaomei seems to know, though, she’s not saying.

So, I can’t help but wonder what’s gonna happen next chapter. Odds are, each of the crew is going to get their turn in the spotlight and fight someone. I mean, that’s what normally happens.

This chapter got weird fast, but I think I liked that about it. I wasn’t expecting the change in character from Xiaomei, but this is kind of what Hiro Mashima does in his stories. Even the most stoic character has their moment of silliness.

I Give “Mildian Battle Colosseum” A 4/5

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