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Didn’t See That Coming

Edens Zero Chapter 44 Review/Recap

You know, I have seen Hiro Mashima do a lot of unexpected things before, but this may be one of the better surprises that he’s done. As we transition out of the Digitalis Arc, we make a surprise discovery about a character!

Is Pino a boy or a girl?


We open up with Xiaomei, the fourth-wall breaking narrator of the story, as she asks for our opinion on the Digitalis Arc. Personally, I thought it was sadistic, but I have seen worse on Game of Thrones. She reminds us of where the Edens Zero is headed, but then has to go, because she has guests.

Cut back to the ship and the clothes factory, Weisz is having Homura own up to the deal they made in the Guilst Arc. Which was… to have her dress up in a sexy outfit of her choosing.

Yeah, Weisz is Sanji 2.0, only not as cool and even less likely to get a girlfriend. Cue the fanservice that Mashima seems to love.

In no time at all, the clothes factory manages to give Homura the perfect Bunny Girl outfit. Pretty soon, the entire crew is joining in on the fun and cosplaying.

Even Witch and Sister decide to get in on the fun.

So cool. By the time they’re done messing around, they’re already at Mildian, where they go to meet the legendary fortune teller. Once they get inside her home, though, they’re in a familiar space setting, where a familiar figure appears to speak to them. Familiar to us, because the fortuneteller is Xiaomei!


This chapter was short and brief, as chapters that transition between arcs often are. Once we saw who Xiamei really is, though, I was surprised! I did not see this coming. Of course, this does explain how she’s able to know everything has happened or will happen. She can look through time to see everything at her leisure. Just how she can break the fourth wall, though, is beyond me.

I would end this with some prediction, but to be honest, I have no idea where the story will be going from here. All I know is that things are going to get weird.

I Give “The Temple of Knowledge” a 3/5

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