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A Tear-Filled Reunion


Ducktales- Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! Review

If you have read my blog in the past, then you may have read my past posts on the reboot of Ducktales. I never got to see the original until I was an adult, but I knew how popular it was in its heyday. So when the reboot came along two years ago, I was one of the first to watch it, and it was awesome.

The new Ducktales not only meets the standards set by the original show, but even surpasses them with incredible voice acting (they got the former Doctor Who to voice Scrooge), animation that’s both retro and modern, and above all, good storytelling. And one of the longest running plot threads has been the story of Della Duck.

Earlier this year, we saw a special episode that showed what Della did while stranded on the Moon (which I reviewed). Last week, the show returned from its hiatus with a new episode every day. I was going to review each episode, but I never found the time. Then I saw the episode last week where Della finally repaired her ship and got back to Earth. Again, didn’t have time.

Since this week’s first episode picks up right where we left off, I think this is the perfect time to start reviewing. After all, this is the most important moment in the show.

And it was as emotional a moment as we could possibly get. Scrooge was on the verge of tears when he saw Della. They hug, argue about how hard it was for Della to get back, then hug again all within a minute. Considering how Scrooge almost spent everything he had to get her back, this was the most important moment of his life.

And meeting her boys for the first time was just as emotional. And instead of just explaining it, let’s let Webby sum up what viewers were feeling:

It’s a truly heartfelt reunion that makes fans want to cry. I got a little misty-eyed at the start. Once the excitement dies down, though, the episode deals with a bigger problem: having Della readjust to life on Earth. While her love for her kids is undeniable, we’ve seen how Della’s not the most responsible person ever. And she drops the mom ball a lot in this episode:

  • She overloads the boys with sugar and we saw Dewey throw up
  • She ends up scaring the boys with a bedtime story
  • She let Huey skateboard using a shield around the house

The main problem Della’s having is that she’s trying too hard to be a normal mom, but she’s never going to be. And the Duck family’s never going to be a normal family, either. They’re adventurers and daredevils through and through, so they should just accept that.

I’m saying this because that’s exactly what happens. A giant stone monster shows up, Della helps kick its butt, and she manages to connect with her sons without messing it up. It’ll take awhile for Della to truly adjust to being a mom, but as symbolized by sacrificing her robot leg to save her son, she’s adaptable. Nothing can Stop Della Duck!

Meanwhile, Donald has now taken Della’s place as the family member lost in space after getting stuck in The Spear of Selene and crashing on the Moon. And the Moonlanders end up taking him prisoner because their leader’s a warmonger who wants to invade Earth, and fooled everyone into thinking Della was the enemy. So, hopefully, that will be a plot line later in the season, so we can see the Duck family fully reunited.

I Give “Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!” A 4.5/5

Stray Observations/Favorite Quote

  • Della planned on naming Huey, Dewey, and Louie Jet, Turbo, and Rebel, but Donald changed their names.
    • Dewey’s reaction is awesome: “I coulda been Turbo?!”
    • Turbo Duck sounds like the coolest name ever
  • So, are we ever going to learn who the boy’s Dad is
  • Scroogian Alliteration. I’m using that term.
  • I loved Della trying to practice her introduction to the boys
  • They will need to update the title sequence soon

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