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Part Two Begins!

Sword Art Online: Alicization, Episode 14 Review/Recap

First, I would like to offer everyone my deepest apologies for not getting this done sooner. I have been so busy in my life right now, so I am trying to keep up with a lot of things at once.

That said, let us get started with the second part of Sword Art Online: Alicization. For the record, I have not read any of Karandi’s articles on it lately, as I want to experience it for myself and make my own judgement



After retrieving their swords from the armory, Kirito and Eugeo now face a brutal, dungeon style gauntlet ahead of them. They need to fight past the Integrity Knights, find Alice, make it to the top floor, and kick Quinella’s butt. It doesn’t take them long to find their first opponent in the form of the Integrity Knight that attacked them earlier, Deuesolbert Synthesis Seven.

The Crimson Knight proves to be a formidable opponent, wielding powerful fire magic and a powerful bow, but he proves to be no match for Kirito and Eugeo’s teamwork. As Kirito holds off his attacks, Eugeo charges in with his Blue Rose Sword and overpowers the knight with powerful ice magic.

As Deusolbert lays defeated, Eugeo recognizes him as the Knight who took Alice away, something he himself can’t recall. It ends up confirming Kirito’s suspicions about Quinella erasing the Integrity Knights memories and then lying to them. The man is shocked by this, but he recalls a faint memory of someone from his life before he was an Integrity Knight, seemingly confirming it for himself.

Eugeo and Kirito choose to spare their enemy’s life and continue to move up the tower. As they stop to rest, though, they are met by two little girls.


From what I heard from Karandi, the rest of the episodes are going to follow the same basic formula, Kirito and Eugeo fight through a different boss fight to reach Alice and beat up the hag who refuses to wear clothes. I don’t care how hot Quinella looks: she’s still a hag!

That said, this should make for some interesting fights, if this is any indication. That duel between Kirito, Eugeo and the Integrity Knight was really awesome the fight between fire and ice.

As far as the plot goes, I don’t think we’ll be expecting that much from it. It’s pretty much gratuitous fighting scenes at point with the plot being put on the back burner.

In action shows like SAO, trying to balance between plot and the action can be a tricky task, and they don’t always do it right. Balancing the two’s going to be what I look for in the show going forward. I know SAO has its detractors, and they do make good points. But I’m not giving up on the show yet.

I Give “The Crimson Knight” A 3/5

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  1. Thank you for the quick like, Karandi. I’m trying to streamline my review/recaps so that I can get more of them done. Also, think I might try my hand again at Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

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