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Jamilov Just Won’t Quit

Edens Zero Chapter 39 Review/Recap

What’s worse than a troll/griefer that abuses the power of technology to make other people’s lives miserable? One that doesn’t give up on anything. It would seem that the Digitalis Arc has not quite wrapped up, and since I am a week behind on this due to working on my Game of Thrones stuff, I will doing this back to back with the new chapter.


Years ago, Ziggy told the Four Shining stars that he was retiring to his hometown of Granbell to raise Shiki, and that they were free to decide their lives from then on. While Hermit initially wanted to join Ziggy, she decided that she wanted to become friends with people.

In the present, the crew of Eden’s Zero was able to bring back Hermit, but she’s still in her state of depression. Also, for some reason, being in those suits in stasis made them all really, really sweaty.

As Sister and Witch explain, she may be back physically, but she’s still not back to the cheerful self that she was in the past. Just as Shiki decides to go talk to her, alarms start blaring like crazy.

As it stands, they need Hermit and her computer skills to protect the Eden’s Zero from within cyberspace. Without it, it’s easy prey to hackers like this ugly mug.

According to Rebecca, he’s one of the top five hackers in the Sakura Cosmos. In Digitalis, he was Jamilov. Now he has hacked into the ship as payback for them ruining his plans. As a result, the ship is tearing itself apart. The only one who can stop Jamilov is Hermit, but she still refuses to do anything while being locked in the Clothes Factory

The chapter then ends with another flashback where it’s revealed that a group of scientists asked for her help in creating a device that can help machines. Hermit happily agreed to help at the time.


I have been wondering since we first met her how Hermit got to be so sad and hate humanity so much. Now I’m starting to get a clearer picture. Whatever those scientists promised her turned out to be a lie that hurt a lot of machines. That’s why she hates humans so much.

This is just a theory, though. Until the next chapter comes out this week, I can’t be sure of anything. Given that this is a Shonen manga, though, Shiki will end up making her realize that some humans are worth trusting. I’ve read this “tragic backstory” scenario long enough to become genre-savvy at it. That said, I’m still looking forward to seeing what it has in store for us.

I Give “The Genius Spider Hacker” a 3/5

Some Stray Observations

  • Anyone notice how bummed Pino was to be back in her robot body?

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