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A Horrific Tragedy! Hermit’s Traumatic Past!

Eden’s Zero Chapter 40 Review/Recap

….Holy crap, that was dark. Is this what Xiao Mei meant when she said that this story was going to get sadistic? Because it crossed the line from sadistic to moral event horizon. In this chapter, we see how Hermit went from the happy young girl/machine to someone who despises humans.


Most of this chapter is told in flashback, but in the present, it’s the same old thing: Jamilov is tearing the ship apart. It’s the past that should be focused on.

That project that those scientists asked Hermit to be a part of was apparently a giant ether battery. Supposedly, it’s to provide ether to the neighboring Planet Hook (the thing with the hooks in the upper left corner). It’s a planet filled with machines without any purpose who are running short on ether. But this battery thing is supposed to fix that.

Hermit worked harder than anyone to make sure the plan would work, and then came the day of the test.

That “battery” thing was a giant ether cannon, and those scientists used it to blow Planet Hook and all the machines on it into space debris. They used Hermit so they could finish the project and fulfill their machine genocide. Then they decide to imprison Hermit and take her apart.

This is driving me to tears.


Those who treat others so deplorably forfeit their own humanity. No wonder Hermit says that humans have no souls. If I went through what she did, I would think so, too! I have seen some messed up things in manga before, but this is one of the most sadistic, cold-hearted things I’ve ever read.

I honestly don’t know what’s worse: the fact that those scientists just blew up a planet, or how guilt-ridden Hermit must feel for being fooled into helping them. This was one of the darkest things Mashima has done in a long time, and I came away with a genuine sense of shock and sorrow. Anything that can make a person feel genuine emotion is a sign of good storytelling, and Mashima has that in spades.

I Give “Plan C7” a 5/5. Sadistic indeed

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