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Holy Cow, It Worked!

Red vs. Blue: Singularity, Episode 6

I admit, I had my doubts that Donut and Washington’s plan was going to work. I even half expected Carolina to just get confused and then angry at Wash once they got to Blood Gulch. But the PLAN WORKED!


Genkins has been continuing his messing with the timeline as Donut waits for Wash. When he tries to create another paradox out of that time Donut got crushed by Sister’s Pelican, he fails. Both then realize they’ve found each other out.

Then Donut gets crushed by another Pelican

The same one that Washington and Carolina stole.

With Sister out of her Pelican, the gang’s almost complete, save for Tucker and Lopez. Then with some prodding from Donut, the memories come flooding back to the Reds and Blues, freeing them from the time loop.

As everyone tries to come to grips with the fact they broke the universe, Genkins drops the act and tries to kill them all. He made one mistake, though: by possessing the body of his best friend, he made Caboose very, very mad.

Genkins is forced to retreat, though not before taunting the others about how he killed Huggins.

Shifting to to that moment from last season, we see how Huggins actually survived being sucked into a black hole. The black hole seems to have sent her to… someplace else.

Where the heck is this?


The season is now at its halfway point, and now most of the Reds and Blues have been freed. Even better, Genkins is on the run thanks to Caboose. With Tucker and Lopez the only ones left, the Reds and Blues are back!

Although, I admit that at this point, I’m as confused as Sarge and Simmons. Tucker and Lopez are the only ones left to be freed, but knowing Genkins, he’s probably going to stick to them like glue. Plus, it’s been eight episodes since Genkins sent Huggins into that black hole. Why are they showing that she’s alive now? Plus, even if Doc has his memory back, will he end up going O’Malley again?

There are a lot of questions, but this might be the best episode of this season so far. By the looks of things, next week we’ll see wherever Huggins ended up. My guess is somewhere near the end of time.

I give “Self-Fulfilling Oddysey” a 5/5

Stray Observations

  • Delta blips out of existence due to meeting the Alpha (aka Church) too early. So much for bring him back
  • Listening to Carolina nearly cry makes me wish we could see their faces sometimes.
  • Is Doc really dead in the future? We never saw him die.
  • Listen closely while Caboose is beating Genkins, and you’ll hear Church’s voice. Nice cameo!
    Notice how Caboose was the only one who understood what was going on right away?

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