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Winter Has Come

6 Biggest Deaths from Season Six of Game of Thrones

Season Six of Game of Thrones had a lot of big deaths as the status quo was once again upended. Then again, this is Game of Thrones, so there really is no status quo, is there? Aside from being my favorite season, Season Six also saw the deaths of several people that I hated. With two days left until the final season, here are the six biggest deaths of Season Six.

#6- The High Sparrow and Everyone Else, “The Winds of Winter”

When Cersei Lannister’s finally backed into a corner by the High Sparrow, what does she end up doing? Destroys everyone and everything that gets in her way. This time, though, she does it on a bigger scale. Using the wildfire caches hidden under the city, Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor, killing the High Sparrow, Loras, Margarery, and Mace Tyrell, Kevan and Lancel Lannister, and who knows how many others.

This may have been the single greatest killing of major characters the show had seen since the Red Wedding. I had no love for the High Sparrow; I have read enough history books to know what happens when religious factions go too far. But to go that far just to kill a few people? There are no boundaries that Cersei Lanniset will not cross.

#5- Tommen Baratheon, “The Winds of Winter”

Picking up on the deaths of everyone in the Sept of Baelor, King Tommen is completely shattered. He just lost his wife, his faith, and half of his family. Emotionally shattered and unable to go on, Tommen chooses to commit suicide, jumping out his window to his death.

This was a very tragic moment. Unlike his brother, Tommen was actually a good and gentle person. This show has a habit of eating those people alive, though, and he fell under the manipulations of the Tyrells and then the Sparrows. The worst part to all of this, though, is the fact that he died knowing that it was his mother who was the cause for all this.

#4- Roose Bolton, “Home”

This man had it coming for years. Reviled for his killing of Robb Stark at the Red Wedding, Roose Bolton was declared the new Warden of the North, only to have that claim contested by the fact that the Northern Lords hated his guts. His attempts to secure his position by having his son Ramsay marry Sansa backfire with her escape. When it looks like Roose will pass over Ramsay in favor of his newborn son, Ramsay kills his own father via knife to the heart.

This death is notably ironic, given that Roose died the same way he killed Robb Stark. While I have no lost love for seeing him die, as another person got crossed off my hate list, it serves to prove a point: that Ramsay Bolton was too evil for even the ruthless Roose to control. This moment would end up leading to the extinction of House Bolton, something Roose tried so hard to avoid.

#3- Balon Greyjoy, “Home”

After failing in his second rebellion against Westeros, Balon Greyjoy decides to continue trying just for the heck of it. Then, he is met by his younger brother, Euron. When Euron makes his intent to usurp him known, a brief scuffle ensues, only for Balon to be thrown from the rope bridge to his death.

I’m just going to say it: Balon Greyjoy was an idiot. He had no plans for the Iron Islands beyond his petty conquests in the North, causing pointless deaths and exhausting what little resources he had. He was incompetent ruler, and considering he’s partially responsible for how Theon turned out, I wasn’t sad to see him go.

#2- Walder Frey, “The Winds of Winter”

It was hard choosing between this and my number one pick, but I think I made the right choice. After managing to secure Riverrun, the vile Walder Frey his hold on the Riverlands is secured. As he’s waiting for his sons to join him for dinner, he is horrified to find that they have been baked into the pie he is eating. He is then terrified to learn that the servant who gave him the pie is none other than Arya Stark, who proceeds to taunt him before ending his wretched life.

This was quite possibly the icing on the cake to an incredible season for me. With Walder Frey’s death, all of the people who were responsible for the massacre of the Red Wedding had met their ends.

#1- Ramsay Bolton

Let’s review every rotten thing Ramsay has done on the show:

  • He maimed, mentally broke, and emasculated Theon Greyjoy (I don’t care if he was being a jerk. No guy should have their privates cut off!)
  • He hunted down girls with his dogs for sport
  • He killed people after promising to spare them.
  • He raped and beat Sansa Stark
  • Killed his father, his stepmother, and baby half-brother
  • Threatened to march on Winterfell, kill the Free Folk, then make Jon watch as his men gang-raped Sansa before killing him
  • Killed Rickon Stark right in front of Jon

Before Euron Greyjoy was introduced, Ramsay was the most evil person in Westeros. So watching Jon beat the s*it out of him was almost carthatic.

Keyword here is almost. Jon realizes that Ramsay is not his to kill, and lets Sansa deliver justice/revenge to the man who hurt her. And we’re just going to watch what happens rather than explain anything.

As dark as this was, I shared Sansa’s smirk

This wasn’t just the best death of the season, it was one of the best deaths in the entire show. Several things factor into this decision. First is how Ramsay tries to mess with Sansa one last time. In response, Sansa calmly tells him that all memory of him and his house will disappear, showing that she is beyond his abusive influence.

Second is how Ramsay died at the hands of his own hounds, which is ironic for several reasons. The big one, though, is that his demise drives home the lesson that he could never understand. That if you treat those who serve cruelly enough, they will eventually turn on you. It’s why Theon finally escaped, and it’s why his dogs ripped him to pieces. Enjoy burning in hell, Ramsay, and say hi to Joffrey for Sansa.

Wasn’t Season Six the best part of the show? Tell me if you shared Arya and Sansa’s smirks when they killed their respective targets.

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