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Not As Good As You Remember

Red vs. Blue: Singularity, Episode 4 Review/Recap

Last episode, it became obvious that Wash and Donut won’t be able to snap the Reds and Blues out of their Deja Vu with Genkins around. Their next plan is to bring Washington to Blood Gulch earlier than he did in the show. This backfired, though, because Wash is nowhere near Blood Gulch. Now, Washington has to figure out how to get to Blood Gulch without messing with history even more.


Picking up back at the Island Fortress, Washington focuses on getting to Blood Gulch without messing with history too much. Then he realizes that the moment he shows up, Genkins will stick to Carolina at all costs. So before he heads to Blood Gulch, he has to find Carolina and bring her with him.

Washington decides the safest option is to find Carolina while she was in hiding after the Meta threw her off a cliff. If the Reds and Blues don’t know, then Genkins won’t, either. The problem is that, since he’s on the bottom of the Freelancers, no one will listen to him.

After a great deal of frustration, Wash goes to when the Reds and Blues were living on Iris and asks her. Surprisingly, she says she enlisted in the UNSC. That way, she could keep her skills sharp and keep tabs on Project Freelancer. Time jump!

Washington then jumps to the time when Carolina was in hiding, and tells her the truth: he knows what Project: Freelancer is doing, and he wants the Director dead. He’s not alone, either: he brought Delta with him. With both of them on board, Washington then heads to Blood Gulch to meet with Donut.


If it weren’t for the fact that this was part of the time-traveling story, one could mistake this as something from the Freelancer arc of Red vs Blue. And I love it! The Freelancer arc was one of my favorite parts of the show, and this episode put it on full display.

The last few episodes have given us cameos of the Meta, but here we got cameos from all the past Freelancers. Even the triplets from that anthology story in Season 14 got a cameo. And Delta! I’d never thought we’d see him again. It makes me sad that they can’t take Delta with them back to the future, though, but that would cause another time paradox.

What I enjoyed most was seeing Washington rely on who he was back in Season Six. He was using the same confident yet enigmatic persona he had when we first met him, and it was fun to see again. Granted, Washington still has that aspect of him, but he’s also picked up a lot of the Reds and Blues quirks since then. It was refreshing.

I don’t know if Washington’s plan will work, or if Genkins will just mess it up again. Outsmarting someone like him is going to take a lot of work. Still, I have a good feeling about how this will turn out. We have to wait until Saturday to see if I’m right, though.

I Give “The Not-So-Good Ol’ Days” 4.8/5. Near Perfect


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