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Shiki goes Star Platinum on Jamirov

Eden’s Zero Chapter 38 Review/Recap

I didn’t think that the Digitalis Arc would rap up so quickly, but it looks like Hiro Mashima is steaming forward at full speed. Hermit shows off the true extent of her power in this new chapter of Eden’s Zero


Furious that someone is able to manipulate Digitalis on the same level as him, Jamilov does everything in his power to keep Hermit from helping Shiki. What follows is a battle of speed as Hermit equips armor onto Shiki while Jamilov tries to get rid of it.

I think this is a reference to the requip skill of Erza from Fairy Tail.

And then, for some reason, Jamilov puts Rebecca in a bikini.

Maybe I should start a drinking game for every time Mashima does some fanservice related.

Realizing that he can’t beat Hermit, Jamilov decides to resort to:

Basically, he’s pressing ctrl+alt+delete on the entire town and everything in it.

I do mean everything, include the NPC’s. Worse, Hermit says that there’s no way for her to stop; in 3 minutes, everything will be destroyed.

Shiki then solves it like any other Shonen protagonist would: by beating the crap out of Jamilov. It works, despite Jamilov being overpowered in Digitalis because Hermit says Shiki is just that strong. Every hit he dishes out takes away 4,500 of his health points. Meaning, Shiki beats him out of the game in just 22 hits

I could play Jotaro Kujo’s theme over this and it would still fit.

And in true Shonen logic, this fixes everything. The town goes back to normal. As for Weisz, he ends up being banned from Digitalis since Hermit had to use his account to beat Jamilov. Not that he minds, though.

Meanwhile, Homura manages to return to her friends after beating that GIA woman. As for the monster, it turns out he’s alright, too. With the villain defeated, Shiki then asks Hermit once more to come back with him, to Eden’s Zero.


I have to say, this is the first time that I have been flat-out disappointed by Eden’s Zero. The way they resolved the fight was too quick, and Shiki’s logic has been used by too many other heroes to stick anymore. What’s more, the terror of the Final Code is negated by how quick Shiki was able to beat Jamilov. Everyone was having such a hard time fighting him, and then Shiki just beats him so easily. He had Hermit’s help, but it still seemed to fast.

This chapter was a letdown for me, and I honestly hope that we do not see anymore like that in the future of this series. It still has a lot of potential, but I don’t want this to be a full repeat of Fairy Tail.

I Give Chapter 38 a 2/5

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