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I Called it!

One Piece Chapter 938 Review/Recap

Dang it! The Alliance had it all planned out, but now all their allies are getting caught left and right. To be fair, though, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. All that’s left is for the Alliance to come up with a new plan in this chapter of One Piece.


As seen last chapter, Zoro one-hit KO’ed Kamazo. Due to getting stabbed, though, he passes out while Gyukimaru runs away.

Back at Kin’emon and the Minks hideout in Kuri Village, the group’s worst fears are confirmed. Orochi has learned about the Kozuki Clan’s secret message, and his men and the Beast Pirates are arresting people left and right.

As for Kyoshiro, he’s called off Komurasaki’s wake to prevent grieving people from rioting.

In Ebisu Town, the Straw Hats are trying to convince Law not to go after his crew, as that’s what Kaido wants him to do. Shinobu even wants to kill them to keep them from talking. Kanjuro calls her out on this, saying that without the aid of the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates, they won’t win.

Just then, Tonoyasu enters, and he recognizes Shinobu and Kanjuro. He then reveals how he saw the Kozuki Clan’s symbol going around the capital, and he wants in.

Back in Ringo, Zoro awakens after Toko and that woman treated his wounds. He wants to get his sword back, but has no choice but to stay put and heal. The woman then makes good on her promise and feeds Zoro.

She then explains that she’s running because Toko infuriated Orochi. As for her, she is searching for her brother, who she hasn’t seen in 20 years. His name… is Momonosuke Kozuke. Her name is Hiyori Kozuke, his younger sister.

I knew it!


It hasn’t been officially declared that Komurasaki’s really Hiyori, but the One Piece Wiki seems to be working under this assumption, and it adds up with everything we know.

First, we know that Hiyori was never sent into the future like her brother and the Kozuki retainers with him, meaning that she would be an adult by this point. Second, Momonosuke mentioned her at the same time that Komurasaki was introduced. That was a big clue. Then we have Komurasaki mentioning that her father was a Samurai. But the biggest clue was what Kyoshiro said about calling off Komurasaki’s wake.

The only reason is because there would be no body for a wake. Meaning Kyoshiro faked her death. Whether that means he knew who she was is up for debate. It all adds up, though.

On another note, the Alliance’s plans are in jeporady. Orochi’s thugs and the Beast Pirates are on alert and arresting Kozuki loyalists left and right. Orochi was already paranoid, but getting him to let his guard down now will be near impossible. With Luffy’s freedom from Udon Prison on the horizon, though, that could shift things back in the Alliance’s favor.

Then there’s Tonoyasu. He seems to know Shinobu and Kanjuro, but they either don’t remember or don’t recognize him. Could he be another retainer for the Kozuki Clan? Either way, he is willing to fight, so he must be tough. It’s a great disguise, too. No one will pay attention to fool when they’re too busy laughing at them, but fools can be very dangerous.

The manga is on break next week, so we will have to wait two weeks to learn what happens next. However, I am very intrigued by what’s going on and the recent developments. This is shaping up to be my favorite arc since Dressrosa.

I Give Chapter 938 a 4.7/5

Some Stray Observations

  • Nami did beat Sanji’s face in for spying on her and Robin in the bathhouse. So Sanji, was it worth it? Because you’ll probably never get married at this rate
  • If Hiyori really was Komurasaki like everyone says, then I think she looks cuter without that flashy jewelry

4 thoughts on “I Called it! Leave a comment

  1. Tonoyasu being a tough swordsman in hiding would be cool. I didn’t make the connection to Kyoshiro canceling the wake because of no body, nice. So, you think Tama’s Hiyori’s kid? I’d be shocked if she isn’t.

  2. Well, Tama can’t just be some random girl. And, she got in trouble because she said she was saying good things about the Kozuki Clan early in the arc. She’s also living away from others almost like she’s being kept hidden. I’m pretty sure Hiyori and Kyoshiro hooked up and had Tama and now one of Lord Oden’s old servants is raising her.

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