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Eden’s Zero Chapter 37 Review/Recap

There’s an old saying: sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. When people are going to play dirty and cheat, there may be no other recourse but to cheat back. And in this chapter of Eden’s Zero, the crew decides to beat Jamilov at his own game.


As Amira said at the end of the last chapter, she’s a government agent whose mission was to go after Drakken Joe. She had planned on doing it by getting into Jamilov’s good graces, but she made one mistake: she put innocent people in harm’s way.

Homura demonstrates how great she is with a sword, though, and proceeds to send Amira running with her tail between her legs. Actually, if Amira didn’t log out fast enough, Homura could have ended up killing her. Also, this is Amira’s real face:

Ugly on the outside as well as the inside.

Back in town, the crew’s processing Hermit’s suggestion of beating Jamilov by using cheats. Rebecca’s dead set against it.

I am liking Rebecca more with every chapter. Gamer for life!

Weisz, though, doesn’t mind stooping to that level.

Sadly, Weisz has no real knowledge about coding, something that Hermit points out. She also points out that the reason that Jamilov hasn’t been banned is because he has other players banned by using their accounts. And just when I thought this guy wouldn’t sink any lower.

Compared to Jamilov, though, Hermit’s a programming goddess.

Holy 8-bit crap

She then proceeds to take away all of Jamilov’s cheats, and then, just for the heck of it, turns Shiki into a giant monster.

Holy cow, she’s good.


This chapter did not do much in the way of revealing the plot, other than what Amira told Homura. The government is making an active attempt to apprehend Drakken Joe. While we only have Amira to use as a lens, it’s possible that the GIA is using morally dubious means to accomplishing that. I.E. letting innocent people be killed in order to get in the graces of Joe’s men.

The big takeaway for this chapter is that we get a glimpse of what Hermit’s capable of. She’s a programming goddess who can rewrite data at her leisure. I can see why she was part of Ziggy’s crew back in the day. If they can convince her to join, then the Eden’s Zero would be even stronger. One thing’s for sure: I am looking forward to the next chapter

I Give Chapter 37 a 4.5/5

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