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So Mashima Went With That Twist

Edens Zero Chapter 36 Review/Recap

I want to apologize for how late this came out. I had a hard time trying to find a place that had the images I needed for this post. But here it is, the new chapter of Edens Zero. And honestly, I have mixed feelings about it.


Picking up where we left off, Shiki is still shocked that Homura’s betrayed them, or her disregard for the NPC’s being sentient. When Shiki refuses to stand out of her way, Homura and the mosnters proceed to shoot at him directly. Only, the arrows are blocked by…Homura?

Unlike the other one, this new Homura in fact looks like the real one. According to her, she woke up in Digitalis in a jail cell. It took her two days to bust out and then track everyone down. And her tendency to blurt out what she’s thinking confirms it’s her. Which means the other one is an impostor.

Jamilov, though, doesn’t give two cents and just starts killing everything in sight.

As the impostor tries to escape with Homura in pursuit, Shiki and the others stay to deal with Jamilov. Easier said than done.

Thanks to him hacking into Digitalis’ data, he’s stronger than the game can hope to control. The only way to beat him is to fight fire with fire. Or, as a suddenly talking Hermit says, cheats with cheats.

Meanwhile, Homura is chasing the fake down, who proves to be hard to catch. The impostor then transforms into her true form, Amira of the Galactic Intelligence Agency. She can copy someone not only in appearance, but right down to their memories and personality, hence why she’s even blabbing about that. She was trying to get in with Jamilov to get to Drakken Joe, but now that that plan’s gone south, she’s just going to be make Homura disappear.


I knew it. I knew that Mashima was going to pull this plot-twist on us from the beginning. Have to admit, though, he did have me fooled about Homura turning traitor for a while. While some might think of this impostor as a cop-out, and it is, it also serves a greater purpose.

I don’t know who this GIA is, but judging by their name, they are affiliated with the main governing body in Edens Zero. My guess is, this was part of a plan to capture or eliminate Drakken Joe. Even so, being willing to let innocent people die to do so is wrong, and Shiki has made it clear that he won’t abide by it.

No matter how the Digitalis arc turns out, it appears that the crew of Edens Zero has made two new enemies in the GIA and Drakken Joe. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

I Give “Chapter 36: The GIA” a 3/5

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