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Red vs. Blue: Singularity, episode 3 Review/Recap

Time traveling can be a tricky subject in fiction: it can quickly get confusing. Entire events could be altered or even erased by time traveling escapades. In the wrong hands, it could even destroy the universe. We saw the Reds and Blues almost break time on accident last season. Now, we get to watch as Genkins does it on purpose in the latest episode of Red vs. Blue: Singularity.

For the record, this is going to get to Doctor Who levels of crazy.


Back in the Everwh- I mean Singularity, we see Genkins monologue to Junior about how his “dad” never took him seriously. He then proceeds to hop across the show’s history and mess it up. Including but not limited to:

  • Tell Locus that Felix is afraid of knives
  • Having Freckles attack the New Republic soldiers
  • Have Church self-destruct
  • Pretend to have Andy blow up, then drop a ship on Tex

Back on Chorus, Donut runs into Dr. Grey at the General Doyle General Hospital. Apparently, Agent Washington had just left, but things are off. One minute he’s complaining about his injury, the next he says he’s fine. Dr. Grey went to town on the insurance assessment for the injury he may or may not have had, and suddenly, Wash is rich enough to fund a wing at the hospital.

And now he’s funding a giant cannon. That shoots out. Dead people for funerals. And he’s also acting weird

After learning where Wash lives, Donut finds out why Dr. Grey said he was acting weird. As a result of the paradox, the two Washington’s, the one who got shot, and the one who didn’t, are merging in an unstable fashion. And the one that got shot sounds either drunk or like Caboose.

Donut then explains to Wash the paradox about him being shot, and as both versions come to terms with their version of history, they stabilize and merge. Agent Washington is back!

Donut then explains the whole situation, and it’s so crazy that it has to be true. But without being able to go to the Reds and Blues in the Singularity without hastening Chrovos’ escape, they’re SOL.

That’s when Washington realizes that there’s a spot in the Singularity where they can still fix this: after Wash got shot, but before the Reds and Blues try and save him, the paradox won’t exist.

Then, Genkins shows and manages to yank away Donut’s time gun, leaving them unable to head back.

And that’s why the title is like that.


I have to admit, after how weak the story seemed last season, I wasn’t sure what was going to come of this season. So far, though, it’s exceeded my expectations.

First, I like the monologue Genkins delivers at the start of the episode. It provides a look into his mind and how he wants people to take him seriously and not see him as a joke. That would explain why he turned on the other Cosmic Powers. Then again, he could be lying.

Second, it’s nice to finally see Agent Washington back in top shape and in the overall spotlight. He’s been on the sidelines for much of the last three seasons, so it’s great to see him do what he does best: kick ass. More importantly, though, this episode gives Donut and Wash some much needed character interaction.

Before this episode, the majority of the two’s relationship revolves around the fact that Wash shot Donut years ago. Seeing them working together and actually talking is something that was sorely needed.

While the ending made me want to say “son of a bitch”, I take it as a sign that I’m getting into this season. I think I can confidently say that Red vs. Blue got its mojo back!

I Give “Schrödingin'” A 4.75/5

Stray Observations

  • I know Locus wasn’t voiced by Gray Haddock in this episode. Tell me I’m not wrong.
  • Did Rooster Teeth have to go back and re-shoot all the scenes from past seasons in their entirety, or did they just modify them?
  • Dr. Grey’s mom jokes are so bad, they’re good. Arryn Zech is as amazing as always.

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