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Way of the Sword

One Piece Chapter 937 Review/Recap

Given how Zoro’s pretty much a samurai, I knew he’d fit right in in Wano. Sad to say, though, his involvement in the Wano Arc has been pretty limited so far. So, it’s nice to see that he’s getting some focus in this next chapter as he fights to get back the Shusui. But like the rest of the Straw Hats, he gets roped into trouble.


As Chopper, Big Mom and their group head to Udon Prison, Big Mom and O-Tama bond over their love of the dessert Oshiruko. Chopper, though, is freaked out, since he lied about their being any at Udon prison.

Good thing that Queen brought some with him. It’s his favorite food and he won’t share it with anyone else.

As for Luffy, he’s beaten everyone Queen’s thrown at him so far, and he hasn’t even used his Devil Fruit powers yet! He’s trying to get his armament Haki to the level that Rayleigh showed him while training so he can beat Kaido.

Back at the Ringo Bandit Bridge, that bandit, Gyukimaru, still thinks Zoro stole the Shusui from Ryuuma’s grave. In his time, Wano was coveted by all the world as the “Gold Country”. When Ryuuma beat them all, no one dared to mess with Wano, and he became a sword god after he died.

The bandit then drops an interesting piece of info: Shusui wasn’t always black. It became black from Ryuuma’s many battles, intriguing Zoro.

Before they can continue (or rather, Zoro can), they’re interrupted by the sound of a woman crying for help while carrying none other than O-Toko.

It’s quick to see why: they’re being pursued by this bandaged, scythe-wielding man named Kamazo. He’s an assassin hired by Orochi to kill O-Toko for laughing at him.

Zoro agreed to help them in exchange for food. The bandit, though…

And then, Zoro gets stabbed.

But like the badass he is, he grabs one of Kamazo’s scythes and uses it for his Santoryu to finish the guy.

The future best swordsman in the world, people.


I really liked this chapter. It gave Zoro some much needed time to shine in a country that, by all accounts, should be paradise for him. Japan is renowned for being the home to the Samurai, some of the greatest swordsman in history. Their talent at fighting is part of the reason why no foreign powers messed with Japan after they closed of their borders for centuries. Truly, this is Zoro’s element.

At the same time, the chapter foreshadows how Luffy will possibly escape: Big Mom wants oshiruko. Queen has oshiruko, but won’t share. Big Mom gets mad, and we know how that song and dance goes.

Despite his brief appearance, we learn that Luffy is trying to increase his Armament Haki to the same level as Rayleigh, which will make his rematch with Kaido more even. Given that it’s Luffy, he’s going to get stronger.

But the big revelation of this chapter was what Gyukimaru said about the Shusui: it became black from fighting. While reading the chapter, I just remembered something: Hawkeye Mihawk’s sword is also black. Did he do the same thing Ryuuma did? More importantly, if Zoro could do the same thing with his other swords, he’ll get even stronger! That’s something the Alliance needs!

I am very satisfied with how this chapter turned out, and now I’m pumped for what happens next!

I give this chapter 4.5/5

Some stray observations:

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  1. Never thought about Zoro’s lack of focus until now lol. But, yeah, Luffy comes first in terms of development, but we’re now seeing Zoro get some too. I’m sure once the Alliance starts fighting Zoro will have more to do. There’s still Orochi’s ninja force to be dealt with. Zoro VS King? Not sure if that’s gonna happen, or, at least, if it does it won’t be a one-on-one fight. But, I’m assuming King isn’t a swordsman so who knows.

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