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Magnets for Trouble

One Piece Chapter 936 Review/Recap

All they had to do was stay out of trouble for a few days, then they would launch their master plan. But I think we should know by now that trouble always finds the Straw Hats. This chapter sees them get even closer to blowing everything.


Picking up where the last chapter left off, Raizo’s shocked that his comrade Kawamatsu is alive. Kawamatsu, though, is eager to get back in the fight. Raizo swears to bust him out, but after getting spotted, he has to run for it.

As for Queen, he has a special way of getting Luffy to cooperate:

The rules are simple: Luffy and Hyogoro will fight inside a sumo ring while wearing special collars. If they step out:

and Queen’s men can go in as many as they want at a time, and can use weapons. The only way Queen thinks he’ll get out is by joining Kaido’s crew.

Then Queen decides to make things fair for some reason and takes the handcuffs off of Luffy.

…… I think we all know where this is going.

Wait, couldn’t he just use his Haki and knock all the guards out at once?

Back at the bathhouse, somehow the Beast Pirates have gotten word that the Alliance is inside, and they’ve sent some of their best: X Drake and Basil Hawkins.

They Hawkins proceeds to search everyone for the crescent marking of the Kozuki Clan. Then he spots Nami, and his sword gets caught on her towel and… well…

And as we all knew, Sanji was there, and…

He does realize that no girl will marry him if he does stuff like this, right? Least of all Nami.

Well Sanji, you finally managed to fulfill your dream: turn invisible, and spy on women. Happy now?

So while everyone’s distracted by the appearance of Sanji and Nami’s “happiness punch”, the heroes get away, only for him to reveal even more bad news:

They’re trying to lure out Law. If they get him, then one fifth of the Alliance’s forces will be in prison. They have to find Law before he does something stupid.

Meanwhile, Zoro has traveled to the Ringo region in the northeast in search of his sword, Shusui. It was stolen from him some time ago, and according to the bandit who took it, he returned it to the grave of tits previous owner: the hero of Wano, Ryuma.

Zoro doesn’t care. The Shusui was given to him by Ryuma’s zombie, so it’s his by right. So, he decides to fight the bandit, get Shusui back, and take the man’s weapons for the Alliance.

I’m gonna need some popcorn for next week.


…..I had no idea that Queen was that dumb. He just voluntarily took the sea stone cuffs off of Luffy, giving him access to Haki and his Gum-Gum powers. And after all the training he did in prison, he’s probably gotten a lot stronger. None of the Beast Pirates will be able to beat him.

I’m a little disappointed that Raizo ended up getting the wrong key, but I think I know who that key might be for: Kawamatsu. It has to be; it’s too convenient otherwise.

Now, the only thing stopping Luffy from doing a follow up to his breakout at Impel Down is that collar on him. There’s two thing that can happen at this point: Luffy’s going to beat up every last guard in the prison along with Queen, get that collar off, and lead an army of prisoners to freedom. Or, Chopper and Big Mom’s group will arrive, wreak havoc and do the same thing. Either way, Luffy’s getting out soon.

And as for Sanji, I’d be mad at him for spying on girls, but I saw this coming a mile away. Besides, Nami will probably charge him a fortune.

As for Zoro, I am really looking forward to seeing a classic sword fight. And when he wins, the Alliance will get some badly needed weapons.

The big fights coming in nine days, and the Alliance needs all the help it can get. But the Straw Hats have a way of doing the impossible. They got this.

I Give This Chapter 4.5/5

Some stray observations

  • I can’t believe X Drake is weak against women. To be fair, so is Sanji.
  • I wonder how Kaido will punish Queen when he finds out that Luffy busted out because of him?
  • How big do you think the third act is going to get? Because I’d say pretty big.

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  1. I don’t see Kaido punishing Queen. Not like he thinks Luffy’s a real threat. As for Queen uncuffing Luffy, I’m fine with it. The guy’s no weakling. I doubt Luffy’s gonna have an easy time fighting Queen if they do clash.

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