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What the Sitch Just Happened?

Red vs. Blue: Singularity, Episode 1 Review/Recap

Okay, what the heck just happened? So the last thing I remember on Red vs. Blue was the team keeping Washington from getting shot, creating a time paradox and destroying time itself. The next thing I know, we’re back in Blood Gulch and using Halo: Combat Evolved engine, and I have no idea what’s going on!

I feel like that rant sums up the many questions that viewers had as the new season of Red vs. Blue premiered for Rooster Teeth FIRST members today. BTW, it goes without saying, but there will be spoilers, dudarino. Continue at your own risk.

After the cliffhanger ending to the last season, fans were left guessing what happened to the Reds and Blues and their allies. Also, what purpose was The Shisno Paradox supposed to serve? For a while, I thought that it was meant to be some sort of reboot, letting Red vs Blue return to its roots to tell new stories. Given how the characters have the vague feeling that something’s not right, though, that’s not likely at the moment.

Considering what happened last season, I was hoping that Rooster Teeth would put a little more time into explaining everything, or at least make the first video longer. This season is going to be short, with only 12 episodes. I hoped that that meant they were going to make the episodes longer, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

At the least, though, this episode did a good job setting up the plot this season. Donut’s revealed to be unaffected by the universe getting reset due to being in Chrovos’ place. Despite this, it turns out that he was able to use the hammer to re-imprison Chrovos. For the moment.

According to Chrovos, the Hammer’s effects aren’t permanent. It will escape, sooner rather than later. The best way I could explain Chrovos’ explanation is the Reds and Blues saving of Washington creating a time paradox. Now, they’re unknowingly re-living all their past adventures up to that moment. To mess with history even more, Chrovos has sent Genkins to possess different members of Reds and Blues and alter their history. That makes more paradoxes, creating more cracks, which will lead to Chrovos being set free.

It may be a confusing concept, but I don’t think I have heard of time travel being used in this type of fashion before. The only story that comes close is the plot to Dragonball: Xenoverse. Its an interesting way of looking at time travel, and if done right, the payoff could be rewarding. Especially with Donut.

Donut has been one of the funnier characters on Red vs. Blue, but he’s never really gotten much time in the spotlight. He’s usually overshadowed by his stronger teammates and sits on the sidelines. Putting him in the role of hero’s a good way to get some new stories out of him, and maybe even see him grow as a character.

So, this season will be pitting Donut against Genkins as Donut tries to stop Chrovos and somehow set things right. I just hope the story’s good.

I give “What’s the Sitch” a 3.5/5


  • Creative way of using the concept of time travel
  • Revisiting past adventures on Red vs. Blue, old game engines included
  • Double-O Donut finally getting his time in the Spotlight


  • Where are the rest of the Cosmic Powers? The Freelancers? Doc?
  • So now Chrovos is an A.I., too? When did that happen?
Chrovos is a Monitor? But he created the other Comsic Powers A.I., so how is he an A.I.?

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