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Imminent Escape?

One Piece Chapter 935 Review/Recap

Oh, come on, Luffy! You were this close to getting out of prison, and then this happens! Things are only going to get crazier from here on out.

In this chapter of One Piece, Raizo was able to get the key to Luffy’s handcuffs, and is already on his way. I like how silly Raizo’s method of getting the key was. Tricking a dim-witted grunt is always an enjoyable experience.

Too bad that Luffy just kicked the snot out of that jailer. Now he’s facing the death penalty. While everyone else is acting like Luffy’s as good as dead, we know better. Luffy would get out of this even if he didn’t have the plot armor of being the main protagonist.

What’s more impressive is how he’s able to move around so easily with those seastone. When Ace was wearing them, it looked like a struggle for him to move. They say it has something to do with the amount he has on him, but according to the head jailer, it’s his willpower.

Luffy, though, reveals why he’s being so nonchalant about it: he’s pulling a Goku. He sees this as a way of training himself to get stronger. With his defeat at Kaido fresh in his mind, that’s expected. But it does raise an interesting possibility.

What if Luffy were to keep those those seastone handcuff as a training tool? Would that actually help him get stronger? As a devil fruit user, the ocean and seastone his two biggest weaknesses. He can’t get rid of the fact that he can’t swim, but he could train to the point where he could use his raw strength even with seastone on him? Good lord, I don’t even know how strong he’d be.

For now, Luffy has bigger problems. Queen of the Beast Pirates has shown up, and he’s… doing a song and dance number?

Only in One Piece.

In Ebisu Town, Franky, Law, and Usopp are lying low. Zoro ran off saying something about his sword getting stolen. As for Sanji, he’s being Sanji.

All right, cue the fanservice.

What, did you think I was going to show them outright? Not happening. But while the girls are bathing (and being oogled), Shinobu talks about Hyogoro, the former head of the Yakuza in Wano.

Where have I seen that pose before? Does anyone know?

He ran the Flower Capital’s underworld and had influence over the heads of each village. But unlike Kyoshiro, Hyogoro represents the noble side of the Yakuza. He was kind to the people and was honorable. Even Lord Oden admired him. According to rumors, though, Orochi and Kaido killed him when they seized power. We know that he’s still alive, though, and he’s taken a shine to Luffy. Orochi and Kaido tried to get Hyogoro to join them, but he refused, and now he’s a tired old man. But if her were to get out, he could rally the Yakuza to join the rebellion.

Easier said than down. Queen has Luffy and Hyogoro at swordpoint, while Raizo’s hiding nearby with the key. Freedom is so close! But fate seems to smile on Luffy, as Raizo seems to have reunited with an old friend and fellow retainer to the Oden Clan: Kawamatsu. Kaido’s kept him locked up in Udon for years, feeding him poisoned fish to try and kill him, and he lives.

I like the look in his eyes.

Let’s see: Kawamatsu+Raizo+Hyogoro+Chopper’s group+Luffy. The math all adds up: Luffy’s getting out in the next few chapters.

I have been a little critical of the pacing of the Wano Arc over the last few chapters. It’s been all over the place, never staying focused on one group for very long, making it hard to keep up. This chapter was one of the more interesting ones, since we haven’t seen Luffy that much in Act Two. I hope this continues into the next chapter, because I’d hate to end to wait for weeks to come back to it.

Do you guys think Luffy will escape in the next few chapters? Let me know!

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  1. I don’t see Luffy leaving for at least three chapters, maybe two. Queen’s there and Big Mom’s on the way. But, I don’t think Queen’s getting KO’d this early in the story. I can see the prison break ending Wano Part 2 (with a few wrap up chapters), then Oda going into the Wano flashback. Well, if all three samuari the SHs are looking for reveal themselves that is.

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