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These 6 Amazing Manga Are on Kindle*

*The following was originally published on FANDOM. Due to the FANDOM Contributor Program being shut down, it has been copied and moved to my blog. Thank you!

Summer’s in full swing, and do you know what means? Aside from going to the beach, it also means more time to catch up on our manga reading! Amazon Kindle covers all your manga needs with some of the best titles ever written. Whether you’re new to the medium or a hardcore fan, these six manga titles are some of the must-reads Kindle offers.


Dragon Ball Manga Vol. 1
The beginning of a legend. Cha-la-head-cha-la!

Among Kindle’s manga library is Akira Toriyama ’s legendary masterpiece, Dragon Ball. The manga follows the life of Goku, a young boy who dedicates his life to becoming the best fighter he can be. As the manga progresses, Goku faces enemies that continue to increase in strength. By the manga’s end, he’s fighting opponents capable of threatening the entire universe; in short, he’s strong.

What makes Dragon Ball an essential read isn’t the media franchise it created, but its impact. Goku became the gold standard for the shōnen hero and an iconic character worldwide. Moreover, Dragon Ball has been an inspiration for some of the greatest manga in history. See where the legend began in the original Dragon Ball manga on Kindle!


Rave Master Manga Image
This manga needs an anime done right!

Better known for Fairy TailHiro Mashima got his start in manga with Rave MasterRave Master tells the story of Haru Glory, a teenage boy who’s chosen to become the next Rave Master. Armed with a magic sword, Haru must find five mystic stones of light, called Raves, and use them to defend the world.

Rave Master is a very entertaining read, filled with memorable characters and fights. Plus, if you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, you’ll notice how he carried over characters and concepts from Rave Master. Unlike Fairy Tail, though, Rave Master never became as well-known in the West, partly due to heavy criticism of the English dub of the anime. Terrible anime aside, Rave Master is worth the time to read and something that you will love.


Rosario+Vampire Manga
This is what happens when they aren’t in any fights. Seriously.

Do you think it would be awesome to have a bunch of beautiful girls fight over your affection? Try feeling like that when the girls are actual monsters, like in Rosario+Vampire. Ordinary human boy Tsukune Aono gets enrolled in a school for monsters disguised as humans. As scary as that is, Tsukune decides to stay after befriending several girls who end up falling for him, and hilarity ensues as he tries to keep his human identity a secret.

Don’t get fooled by the premise, though: when it’s not about the comedy, Akihisa Ikeda’s work is about the fights. Tsukune and friends get into conflicts with various threatening supernatural foes. By the end of the series, the heroes even face off against a legendary vampire bent on wiping out humanity. This careful balance between the comedic moments and the high-stakes fights make Rosario+Vampire worth your time.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Main Characters
All eight Jojo’s (so far).

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been around since Dragon Ball’s run, and is still going strong. The manga tells the story of the Joestar family as they use supernatural powers to fight evil. What’s important to note is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is split into several parts, each with its own main protagonist connected by their family and the shared nickname “Jojo.” Though preferable, prior knowledge is not necessary so you can start on any part you want.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure lives up to its name, featuring some of the most bizarre fights one can find in manga, with the protagonists fighting everything from zombies to a man who can stop time so that he can crush them with a steamroller. These pulse-pounding fights will leave readers on the edge of their seats, enjoying every bit up until the last “Ora!”


Deku joins the battle

My Hero Academia is a rising star in the anime/manga community, and with good reason. In a world where most of humanity has superpowers, Izuku Midoriya dreams of being a superhero, though he has no powers. All that changes, though, when he meets the world’s greatest hero, All Might, and impresses him with his selfless bravery. As a result, the legend taps Izuku as the one to inherit his powers and become the next Symbol of Peace.

At its heart, My Hero Academia is a coming-of-age story set in the popular superhero genre. While it offers all the fights you’d expect of a superhero story, the manga goes deeper to ask serious questions about heroes. Most notably, what does “hero” mean when it is now a paid profession? If you’re a fan of all things superhero, then My Hero Academia is the manga you need to read.


The Jiro Kuwata Batman Manga
Holy cow, Batman! We didn’t know you had a manga.

Yes, you read that right: Batman has a manga version! When the Batman TV series premiered in 1966, Batmania hit Japan. That year, Jiro Kuwata created a shōnen manga based on the show that ran for a little more than a year. Once the craze had faded, the manga stopped serialization and faded into obscurity.

Kuwata’s Batmanga remained unknown in the West until the release of Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan in 2008, with all three volumes of the series currently available on Kindle. Aside from the classic manga look, the manga’s biggest highlight is that it draws from enemies outside of Batman’s traditional rogue’s gallery, making it all the more interesting. Whether you are a hardcore Batfan or grew up with the show, this is Batman like you’ve never seen before.

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