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7 Mathematical Moments From ‘Adventure Time’*

*The following was originally published on FANDOM. Due to the FANDOM Contributor Program being shut down, it has been copied and moved to my blog. Thank you!

Well, homies, we all knew this day was coming: Adventure Time is clocking out. After eight years, the Adventure Time series finale finally premiered. It may seem sad now, but it has been a sweet ride. The show has had its highs and lows, but it has left us with so many good memories.

Adventure Time has given us moments on both ends of the emotional spectrum. From moments that made us laugh or start crying, we got plenty of great memories from this show. So, whether you’ve already watched the finale or are preparing to get blown away, here are seven mathematical moments from Adventure Time.


While Finn and Jake have fought bad biscuits like Ice King and the villains of the week, The Lich was a game-changer. The sole goal of this dark necromancer was the destruction of all life in existence. In Jake’s own words, he was the duos “first saving the world deal.”

While Finn and Jake would face The Lich several times in the show, nothing beats their first battle. The sight of Finn overcoming his mind control through sheer will and feelings for Bubblegum was impressive enough. Watching him use Bubblegum’s sweater to destroy The Lich, though, was flippin’ awesome!


Lemongrab at his finest
Lemongrab at his finest.

Before there was Rick and Morty, there was the Earl of LemongrabJustin Roiland first brought his voice for Lemongrab in the episode “Too Young,” and the fans loved it. As a result, the sour, neurotic Lemongrab became a recurring regular on Adventure Time.

While Lemongrab’s scenes are always bloobaloobie, nothing beats his first appearance. Seeing the state Bubblegum’s Castle is in, Lemongrab screams his now-famous catchphrase. That iconic moment is forever in the annals of internet meme-dom. We love you Lemongrab, even if you do act like a dingus.


At the start of Adventure TimeIce King was Finn and Jake’s main enemy. As the show went on, though, Ice King went from being a villain to their, sort-of, ding-dong friend. That transition started with this essential dramabomb about the Ice King’s origins.

An old VHS tape shows Finn and Jake, and the audience, the story of Simon Petrikov. Seeing Simon’s transformation into the Ice King is a massive revelation to everyone. Later episodes build on this backstory, revealing Ice King has almost no memory of his past. Ice King thus goes from villain to tragic figure, and this was the moment where it started.


Finn meets Flame Princess
Ahh, young love.

When Finn became sad about his crush on Bubblegum, Jake tried setting him up with Flame Princess. He freaks out over her volatile personality, though, and she chases him back to the Tree House. Once there, she slaps Finn and storms out in anger. Stunned, Finn stands there and says, “Dude, I think I have a crush.

This brief moment was a significant milestone in Finn’s development as he begins moving on from Bubblegum. Taking an interest in a girl his age is a clear sign that he is growing up and as a character. Giving Finn a girlfriend opened up many new story opportunities for the writers. Finn and Flame Princess were an enjoyable couple to watch, too … until Finn blew it, man.


Finn loses his arm
The worst day of Finn’s Life.

When Finn learns his human dad is alive, he and Jake go to meet him in the season six premiere. Too bad, though, that Finn’s dad is a total butt who bails on him first chance he gets. When Finn tries to stop him, he not only fails but also loses his arm in the process.

This was the moment in Adventure Time that made us all go “oh my glob!” Viewers had never seen Finn fail like this before or look so defeated. While Finn does get his arm back, he spends the rest of the season sorting out his feelings about his dad. To be honest, though, he is better off without that deadbeat.


LSP Saves Ooo
LSP’s Lumps saved Ooo!

An unlikely hero saves Ooo in one of its craziest hours. After an elemental spell goes awry, Ooo’s split between the elements of Fire, Ice, Candy, and Slime. Yet, Lumpy Space Princess is one of the few unaffected by the elemental magic. This is because she is the anti-elemental, which can cancel out elemental magic.

With Finn and Ice King’s help, LSP uses her lumpy powers to boss Ooo back to normal. This moment is so algebraic because it gives us one of the best quotes in the entire show: “Clam your face, you noid!” More than that, this moment and the events leading up to it have lasting consequences for Ooo.


When a green knight crashes Finn’s seventeenth birthday, two shocking revelations occur. First, the knight is actually Finn’s doppelganger, Fern, back from the dead. Second, Bubblegum’s Uncle Gumbald has returned from imprisonment.

These two revelations not only shock Finn and Bubblegum but set Gumbald and Fern up as the show’s final villains. While it is not relevant to the plot right away, it moves the show towards its grand finale. Now, all that’s left is an all-out war between Bubblegum and Gumbald for the fate of Ooo.

For those who do not want to say goodbye to Adventure Time yet, don’t worry. Starting in October, Boom! Studios will be continuing the story in comic book form. Finn, Jake, and all our favorites will be sticking around for a while.

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