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Sadism 101 With Jamiroff

Eden’s Zero Chapter 32 Review/Recap

The following chapter contains disturbing images of people being tortured inside the confines of a virtual world. Viewer discretion is advised.

…………. holy cow, Xiaomei wasn’t kidding about this story being sadistic.


Picking up the morning after the last chapter, Rebecca has learned a valuable lesson: never let the other crewmembers sleep in the same room.

Where’d Pino get that tree?!?!

In Mashima’s last series, Fairy Tail, there was a running gag involving the main heroine, Lucy. Her guildmates would continually show up at her apartment uninvited, something that drove her nuts. I got the same, comedic vibe from this scene. Remember, though: breaking into a friend’s house is a serious crime. Mashima’s only did it for Lucy’s hilarious reactions.

Now, *gulp*, picking up in the real world, Sister informs Witch that there’s an abnormal data stream running through the Edens Zero. They’ve been hacked.

It drives the point home that Hermit is needed to provide digital security for the ship.

I’ve seen that in Sword Art Online. I’m not impressed

Back in Digitalis, the gang continues admiring how lifelike the digital world is, to the point where it can replicate the five senses. If we have VRMMO’s in the future like SAO and Ready Player One speculate, I really hope they meet our expectations. But then Shiki had to wish for something to fight!

That’s when a giant monster shows up.

It’s not actually an evil monster, it’s an event boss for a quest in a nearby cave, but that doesn’t make it evil by default. It’s not there to fight, though: it ‘s running away from a psychotic player who just leveled the nearby town of Krysta. Yet despite breaking the rules, said player’s not banned.

Since the boss monster says that Hermit was spotted outside of Krysta, that’s where Shiki and the others are headed. Knowing Shiki, he’d head to Krysta anyway just to beat up this player.

Jamiroff the Monster

When they get there, though…. just see for yourself.

I’m lucky that this is taking place inside a digital world. If it was in reality, the blood and gore would be too much for a shonen manga.

Jamiroff the murderer

As I predicted, the man we saw at the end of the last chapter is Jamiroff, a man who lives to kill other people. If what he did to the NPC’s wasn’t bad enough, look at what he did to a group of players.

Jamiroff and his  work against the NPCS

Dude, that is messed up. This Jamiroff is Joker level sadistic: doing these horrible things just because he can. That, and he gives this flimsy excuse:


That’s the name of the man that was released when the Chronophage turned back the clock on Guilst. I had hoped that we would wait a little longer to get involved with this “Drakken Joe”, but it would seem that that’s not happening. As for Shiki, he’s not letting Jamiroff get away with his atrocities.

Shiki vows to take down Jamiroff

Elsewhere, we finally get a glimpse at Hermit’s digital form. Mirroring the way that the crew of the Eden’s Zero found her body, she’s just sitting on a hill, looking depressed and declaring that human beings have no souls.


I don’t know what is going on, but if I had to guess, then I would say that sometime between Ziggy and the original crew of Eden’s Zero splitting up, she went through or saw some traumatic event that led her to abandon all faith in humanity. Having read a lot of history books in the past and seen plenty of stories, I can attest that mankind is capable of great good or great evil. Hermit seems to have seen too much of humanity’s dark side, though, leaving her like this.

I wonder, does her current state have anything to do with Jamioff and his actions? I know it can’t be a coincidence that he shows up right when Hermit turns out like this. Hopefully, the next chapter will shed some light on this subject for us, and sees Shiki kick Jamiroff’s butt

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