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More Than Meets the Eye

One Piece Chapter 933 Review/Recap

To no one surprise, the first thing that this chapter of One Piece reveals is that Orochi ate a devil fruit, a mythical Zoan fruit. It’s the Snake Snake fruit: Model Yamata No Orochi. Quick recap: it’s similar to the Hydra, having several heads. He does not seem to have full control over them, though.

Will of A Samurai

Komurasaki continues to demonstrate she has the will of a Samurai, because she refuses to beg for her life, even when Orochi’s trying to crush her.

Meanwhile, Robin’s trying to escape the Orochi Oniwabanshu, but when that doesn’t work, they have to resort to tricks. Brook uses his ghost form to make the ninja think he’s this supernatural ghost, “the Starving Skeleton Spirit”, and is trying to curse them.

The Ninja run scared from the Samurai

I liked this scene, not only because it is funny, but it’s also a reminder to the limited knowledge the people of Wano have of the outside world. Most aren’t aware of the Devil Fruits, and thus attribute their powers to other supernatural phenomena. Even so, the mission has been compromised, so Robin and Shinobu decide to get Robin and Brook and escape. Too bad another one of Orochi’s shinobi, Hanzo, found them. If he’s anything like the legendary, historical ninja, or the one from Naruto, then he could be trouble.

In a funny twist, it is revealed that in her prime, Shinobu was actually known as the “enchanting man-killer” and was the spitting image of Nami. She’s not “man-killer” because she’s beautiful, though (I think). At least they managed to stun Orochi for a few seconds by dropping in on the banquet.

A Samurai Death

A Samurai's mercy

Before anyone else can react, though, Kyoshiro proceeds to cut Komurasaki down to the horror of everyone present. Kyoshiro says it was mercy for a Samurai, but I’m not so sure. Take a look at what Kyoshiro has in his hand , and you’ll understand:

A possible ally to the Samurai

There are three possibilities that exist at the moment.

  • Komurasaki is loyal to the Kozuki Clan
  • Kyoshiro is loyal to the Kozuki Clan
  • Both are loyal to the Kozuki Clan

If it’s the last option, then that may have been in order to keep Komurasaki from being uncovered. My gut’s also telling me that she’s not actually dead. Doesn’t matter, though: the women of the Alliance escape the castle, courtesy of a massive thunderstorm spawned by Nami and Zeus.

Back in Leftover Town, Chopper and the others have taken Big Mom to Tsuru. It looks like she really has lost her memory. What’s more, her personality has reverted to the well-meaning, kind one that she had as a child. She even thanks Tsuru for giving her Shiruko.

Big Mom is now on the Alliance's side

A New Opportunity

Big Mom was once a good person, but since she was never taught any morals or how to control her strength, that led her to becoming the monster we see her as. Maybe this could be her second chance.

I don’t know, though. That seems like too much of a cop-out so that we forgive her for all the horrible thing’s she’s done. Plus, there’s no guarantee that she won’t go back to her nasty self when she regains her memory.

Be that as it may, I’m glad she’s on the Alliance’s side for now, because they are headed to bust Luffy out of Udon Prison! Finally, we’re going to see Luffy again!

Nine days remain until the coup to overthrow Orochi and Kaido takes place. If the Alliance can stay under the radar and not do anything stupid, they may pull this off. Combine the allies they’ve been making across Wano, they have a greater chance. But if Big Mom were to fight for them, that could be the decisive factor! I hope it is. Luffy may not be strong enough to beat Kaido the way he is now.

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7 thoughts on “More Than Meets the Eye Leave a comment

  1. I’m interested in seeing Big Mom’s part is in all this. At the very least she’s gonna 1. Help the Alliance in some way and 2. Forgive the Strawhats so she gets off they’re backs and let Nami keep Zeus. I could even see her going to Elbaf or at least sending one of her kids there with the Strawhats.

  2. But, remember what I once said about Oda redeeming characters. You can be a total jerk, but once you become “good” the past doesn’t matter anymore.

    That said, I can’t see Luffy fighting Big Mom AND Kaido this arc. And, there’s no point fighting Big Mom after he defeats Kaido. Plus, Big Mom’s a woman and you know how Oda gets when it comes to females. He’s not a fan of guys and gals duking it out with each other. This all has to be a play to get Big Mom on their side without fighting her IMO.

    I’ll bet you 100 internet bucks (i.e. nothing) Big Mom doesn’t fight Luffy this arc. You in?
    *waves fake money in Jay’s face*

  3. Well, okay. I’ll just put my fake internet money in a boring IRA. But, back on topic, While not a fan of most of the Wano characters, I’m looking forward to the flashback. That’s probably where Oda will give them more depth.

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