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The Digital World

Eden’s Zero Chapter 31 Review/Recap

Nice Cover.

Before we get back to the story, there’s someone I may or may not have mentioned in my recap: Xiaomei

She was introduced back when Rebecca, Happy, and Shiki went to Norma, and she explained that time had little meaning in this story. She also has a fourth-wall breaking awareness of what is going on, hence why she’s the narrator. She hasn’t shown up since that time, though, so I almost forgot about her.

That makes me dread what may happen or where Mashima is taking this story. But let’s get back to the action!

The Eden’s Zero crew’s dive into Digitalis continues right where we left off: with the appearance of that horse thing from Rave.

One by one, the crew meets up after choosing their avatars. To be honest, I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Homura chose to play as a guy.

In online games, it’s not unheard of for people to create characters opposite of their gender. MMO’s are a fun way of reinventing oneself, so they may want to try playing an idealized version of themselves, opposite gender included. So I wasn’t too surprised to see Homura’s choice.

Next, we see Weisz’s avatar, and it becomes clear that he’s one of those players.

Kudos for the Rave reference

Yeah, Weisz is playing as a girl just so he can oogle himself. Sad to say, but people also do this stuff, too. They either want to oogle at themselves or like making people that they’re the opposite gender and mess with people.

I’m getting why Weisz has so much trouble with girls.

At least Pino’s avatar looks like her.

She looks like a cute bunny girl.

When I saw Shiki’s chosen avatar, I found it hard not to laugh.

They get Shiki to settle on how he looked when he first met Rebecca and Happy, and they head out.

They arrive at this town populated by the former NPC’s. Since they’re all sentient now, though, they are capable of properly expressing their thoughts and feelings. They are no longer restricted to saying the same dialogue over and over again.

That is a nightmare! The gang then splits up to look for Hermit, but all they can find is that she was spotted heading north. They decide to stay logged in overnight, but that might be a big mistake. Why? Because of this guy, that’s why

His name’s Jamilov, and I think it’s safe to say that he’s going to be one of the sadistic things that Xiaomei warned us about. He’s also part of a group of MMO players that a lot of people don’t like: the kind who try to break the game and do whatever they want, regardless of the rules. Whoever he is, I can tell he is going to be bad news. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes, though!


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