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Robin has Been Compromised

One Piece Chapter 932 Review/Recap

I miss Luffy. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time we’ve gone so long without seeing him. To be fair, though, I was expecting this when I saw how the Wano Arc was being split up into Act.

If we follow the structure of your average play, or even action movie, then Act 1 was the introduction. Act 2 is going to be the part where we see everyone getting put into position for what’s to come. Act 3 will be exciting climax where everything comes to a head in a clash of awesomeness. Then there’s the epilogue to wrap everything up. Same principle applies here.

Back to the action. This chapter focuses on Robin’s infiltration of Orochi’s caste. Last chapter saw her get caught snooping around by the tyrant’s ninja squad. But she manages to get away when it’s revealed that “Robin” was actually a flower clone

Naruto much?

Very clever of her. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s potentially been compromised. Despite this, she decides to continue her mission before making her escape.

Very clever of her. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s potentially been compromised. Despite this, she decides to continue her mission before making her escape.

Orochi Is Paranoid

We’ve seen them in action, and Orochi is screwed.

In the banquet hall, we see more of how paranoid Orochi is over the prophecy of Oden Kozuki’s late wife, Toki: twenty years after her death, Oden’s retainers would come to claim his head. He’s terrified of this.

Most, if not all, of the people present think Orochi’s nuts. Readers know, though, that his fears are justified. Toki had sent several of Oden’s retainers 20 years into the future, while the rest went into hiding to wait for the moment to strike. None of the bad guys know that, though, which means their guard will be down.

I noticed that Orochi let slip a very interesting piece of information: no one knows that Oden’s retainers or his son, Momonuske, are alive. Orochi is convinced they are since their bodies were never found, but everyone else thinks they’ve been dead for years. Thank goodness they don’t know the truth.

This chapter also helped better develop Komurasaki’s character. When her kamuro, Toko, started laughing about Orochi’s paranoia, the man went ballistic

Epic bitch slap.

When tried to kill her though, Komurasaki stepped in and proceeded to slap him across the face!

And so the monster reveals his true form.

That one act made her go up in my book, but when she then says she’s the daughter of a warrior and will never bow to anyone, she earned my respect. I admire those who stand up to jerks, especially when those jerks are in power over everyone. Even when Orochi turns into his mythic namesake, she doesn’t flinch!

Remember My Theory

If you read a few entries back, then you may remember my theory, about Komurasaki really being Momonuske’s sister, Hiyori. This may have lent further credence to that concept. Regardless, looks like the banquet is turning into a brawl, and Robin is using that as a chance to slip away.

The Straw Hats have come close to blowing their cover several times now. No one but Orochi suspects that the incidents they’ve caused are linked, and it needs to stay that way. But once Luffy breaks out of prison with everyone else in tow, then that’s not going to be an option. I can’t wait to see where this goes, though! Until the next One Piece

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  1. Oh, yeah. Everyone did think Momonosuke was dead. Nice find. Oda does have a way of introducing important characters as jerks then skating over that fact down the line. It’s kinda weird to me, but at the same time gives layers to his characters. Sure, they’re jerky layers, but layers all the same. Also, adds to the narrative this a story about pirates, not superheroes. So, the line between good and bad can be blurred depending on each individual character.

  2. Is it weird that I forgot Luffy wasn’t in the last few chapters. I think that it’s a testament to One Piece as a series that their main character can be gone and the series is still compelling.

      • I don’t know, Luffy doesn’t always beat the main bad guy, like in the last arc with Big Mom. However, it’s unlikely it will happen twice in a row. I just don’t know how Luffy closes the gap in their power.

      • He’ll pull something out of his butt. Or, the Straw Hats attack him all at once. Either way, Luffy needs to close the gap but his fight with Blackbeard is coming, one way or the other.

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