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This Feels Familiar

Eden’s Zero Chapter 30 Review/Recap

Good news is, that little girl the crew of Eden’s Zero saw at that monument is Hermit.

The bad news is…

Wait a second, why does this seem really familiar? Like a certain popular video game series that I like?

So, Hermit is in a coma, and won’t wake up until they heal her heart and mind. And Shiki proposes an idea so crazy that it just might work.

Yep. He wants to go insider and fix her somehow. But Witch thinks he’s on to something and says that there is one place her heart may be.

A virtual reality, huh? According to Rebecca, it was this popular MMORPG called Rogue Fantasia. Somehow, the NPC’s gained sentience and developed their own society in the digital world. But it’s still capable of being accessed from the outside. So all they have to do is dive into the game and fin- wait a second. Something about this seems really familiar. Ahh, it doesn’t matter. Clothes change!

So they put on full body suits to go inside the planet and find Hermit.

From right to left, we have a gender-bent Demon Mirajane, a werefwolf, and Ichiya. Fairy Tail cameos everyone

Shiki messes with the Avatar controls…

This reminds me so much of Fiore!

And Rebecca and Happy end up inside Digitalis, and then they meet this guy.

Hiro Mashima is really laying it on thick with the references to Rave and Fairy Tail this chapter, huh. Also, the Virtual World gained sentience feels a lot like Sword Art Online: Alicization. Well, it’s not like the VR World concept is new, so it could be a coincidence.

If they are going to be going in this direction for the time being, I think it’s pretty creative of them to do so. Looking forward to seeing what goes on next chapter.

That said, I don’t think Mashima should be so heavy on the references to his past works. Use them too much and it will feel like he’s just rehashing everything. He needs to try and make Edens Zero it’s own thing that can stand apart from his past work. Only time will tell, I suppose.

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