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Sanji’s Dream Came True. Germa Suit On!

One Piece Chapter 931 Review/Recap

We continue with our One Piece double feature with chapter 931.

Sanji really hates his family, and he makes no secret of that. Personally, I hate most his family, too; with the exception of his sister. Yet despite hating the other Vinsmokes, he decides to wear the Germa Suit they gave him before they escaped Big Mom. Cue the anime transformation!

Germa Suit 3

Thus, Sanji dons the Germa Suit of his family!

Germa Suit Powers, Activate!

Germa Suit 3= Soba Mask

The cape and mask are a bit too much, and I don’t get how his hair got like that. Not too shabby, though. What’s his superhero name? Soba Mask. That is so lame.

Aside from enhancing Sanji’s physical strength, Stealth Black has a unique feature. Something that Sanji has been wanting to be able to do since he was a kid.

Soba Mask is powerful

If you recall, he had wanted to become an invisible man so he could become a superhero. Really, though, he wants to use it to spy on girls like a pervert.

To be honest, the only reason I tolerate perverted actions like that of Sanji’s is that they’re done for laughs and not out of genuine malice. So, while “Soba Mask” keeps fighting Page One, Law and the other Straw Hats escape to Ebisu Town. Looks like they will meet up with Zoro.

Back at Orochi’s mansion, Robin is continuing her undercover mission when she is found by Orochi’s ninja squad, the Oniwaban.

They buy her excuse that she just got lost, but now that they suspect her, Robin’s mission just got a lot harder.

At Kuri Beach, Momonosuke and Tama are training in the woods with Chopper when they spot someone washed up on the beach. It’s the last person we want to see right now.

Ah, crapbaskets.

The last chapter saw Big Mom end up in the waters around Wano after King capsized her ship. I had hoped that would be the last we’d see of her for a while, but I guess that’s too much to ask for. Things get even weirder, though. Big Mom seems to have lost all her memory!

My gut is telling me that this could very well be a ruse to get at Luffy. Big Mom seems cunning enough to be able to do that. If it’s for real, though, this complicates matters.

As rotten as it is, my instincts are telling me they should kill Big Mom while they still have the chance. Once she regains her memory, she’ll be too dangerous to deal with.

What Could Happen Now?

If Big Mom does have amnesia, though, maybe the Straw Hats can use that to persuade her to help them. It’s a longshot, but if they’re nice to her and she regains her memories, she’ll drop her Straw Hat vendetta. That sounds like something Luffy would do, anyway.

So, the plot is getting more complicated every minute. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I am really curious to find out!

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  1. lol I didn’t even notice Sanji’s hair changed. I like the implication Sanji will use the suit again in the future (with modifications from Franky and Usopp). It’s a great way to make him more unique.

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