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One Piece Chapter 930 Review/Recap

Since I did not do this two weeks earlier, this week is going to be a double feature. Two chapters of One Piece back to back. On that note, let’s look at Chapter 930, Ebisu Town.

Ebisu Town

The chapter starts off with Zoro arriving with his new companion/hype man, Tonoyasu, at Ebisu Town, one of the places surviving off the Flower Capital’s scraps. Despite being so badly off in life, the people of Ebisu Town greet each day with a smile and laughter. They even laugh over the fact that they’re starving to death.

At first, I was a little put off by how nonchalant the townsfolk were about their situation in life. Then I remembered that it’s important to keep a positive attitude in times of despair. Especially in times of despair! Their attitude even manages to make Zoro smile a little.

Backtracking a second, the townsfolk mention how they were visited by Ushimitsu Kozo, the Witching Hour Boy. He’s a Robin Hood figure who steals money from the wealthy to help the poor. Nothing is known about him, but my instincts tell me that we will be seeing more of him soon.

Now to the meat of this chapter. First and foremost, Wano experiences some unwelcome visitors: the Big Mom Pirates, led by Big Mom herself.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I knew that Big Mom hated Luffy for standing up to her, beating two of her sons/top commanders, crashing her tea party and then escaping her territory, but I did not expect to see her again so soon! Or for her to enter another Yonkou’s territory just to kill Luffy!

Kaido’s having none of that, though, and one of his top lieutenants, King, turns into a Pteranodon and sends her ship falling off the waterfalls leading to Wano.

Kaido really likes Dinosaurs!

Sanji Stands Up

Back in the Flower Capital, Sanji goes to face Page One in order to protect the civilians he’s attacking. But to hide his identity, he’s got a plan, and it’s something I wanted to see for a while: Raid Suit!

We already know how powerful Sanji is. His physical strength makes him one of the three strongest members of the Straw Hats, and he outclassed his family in their Raid Suits in the Whole Cake Island Arc. So I thought that if Sanji had one, he’d be a hundred times stronger. Looks like I got my wish.

This is going to be good!

Big Mom is Here

The other big takeaway is the arrival of Big Mom in Wano. Each of the Yonko is on par with the Marines. The Marines had to muster most of their forces just fight one of them, so the idea of two Yonko fighting is catastrophic! If Kaido and Big Mom clash, it could destroy Wano. If they teamed up over their shared hatred of Luffy, the Alliance would be wiped out.

As bad as both scenarios are, I think there’s a third option. If Big Mom and Kaido clash, both will end up being weakened. If the Alliance stays in hiding until the two exhaust themselves, they could swoop in and strike at both. It’s a long shot, but it may be the advantage they need to win.

All I know is that the climax is going to be incredible. Oda is going all out on the Wano Arc, and I am enjoying reading it!

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