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Rebecca’s A Bigshot B-Cuber!

Eden’s Zero Chapter 29 Review/Recap

After escaping from Guilst, life for the crew of the Eden’s Zero has returned to as normal as it can get. Rebecca and Happy cool off in the Spa of Eden (that’s right, they named it!) and discover that Homura doesn’t do well with hot water.

You want images of fan service, go read the manga. I’m not doing that.

There are three important things that come out of this chapter, though, that I feel I should address.

First, we find out what sort of deal Weisz made with Homura:

To be honest, I thought he either wanted to pose in swimsuit photos for him or to go out on a date. Have to say, I was not that far off.

Weisz may have a lot of moments where he is cool, but he’s also a huge pervert. He’s like Sanji from One Piece only not as tough and just as obsessed with girls.

Rebecca’s Famous Now

Speaking of girls, Rebecca gets a call from Clarisse, the receptionist at the Shooting Starlight Guild back on Blue Garden. She’s overjoyed that Rebecca’s safe, and tells her that all the B-Cubers she saved have been telling everyone how awesome she was.

This is a running gag, now.

That wasn’t just for me. That was for the other readers who could see the outcome of Rebecca helping the B-Cubers escape would be. Thanks to them, Rebecca and Happy’s Aoneko Channel has spiked in views! That’s awesome! Except for the fact that their videos still stink. Bottom line, they decide to stay clear of Blue Garden for now.

Rebecca’s videos are weird.

In the meantime, though, Sister Ivry has a lead on the last two Shining Stars. Their destination: a giant monument to a group of warriors that defended Blue Garden during the Dark Ages, Iron Hill!

Just then, Pino sees someone on top of one of the statues.

It that girl really the third Shining Star? And why does she look so sad right now? I have no idea, but I think that things are going to keep getting interesting.

As I said with the last chapter, this is a transitional chapter meant to ease the readers into the next story arc. But I’m certain that the action is going to heat up once again in the next chapter of Edens Zero!

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