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Obligatory Aftermath Chapter

Eden’s Zero Chapter 28 Review/Recap

Don’t you just love it when a theory about a work of fiction you like turns out to be right? You get that smug feeling of satisfaction, that look on your face that says “called it.”

I saw this from Fairy Tail, and I had to gif it! I call it “Smug Juvia”.

At any rate, let’s get on with the next chapter of Eden’s Zero.

The crew of the Eden’s Zero is becoming quite big. Also, I see Mashima is not giving up on his love of fanservice.

In the aftermath of the Guilst Arc, it’s confirmed by Witch and others that 1,200 years were taken off of Guilst. As for the number of people who escaped: a whopping 10%. Wow. That’s horrible. As long as Jinn, the B-Cubers, and Ilega’s girls escaped, then I’m happy. As for Ilega and fake Sister, I guess we’ll wait and see.

Rebecca experienced things that could break some people.

Speaking of Ilega, Rebecca went through a pretty harrowing experience. She was kidnapped, tortured, stripped naked, and threatened to be turned into a “toy” by Ilega. Not to mention narrowly escaping the planet before the Chronophage came..

I’m surprised that she was able to hold it all in for so long.

Now that she’s finally safe, all that fear that Rebecca had been keeping bottled up to survive comes out. I would be more concerned if she didn’t deal with her experiences like that; that’s not healthy. At the same time, I’m impressed that she was able to hold it together for so long. She has an extraordinary will.

So, the crew convenes in the conference room (yes, they have one), and talks future plans. It’s there that we finally confirm what I already knew:

Just as I thought, Homura’s master was one of the Four Shining Stars of the Eden’s Zero. Her sword is the one Valkyrie is using. Aside from looking for her, she also wants to fight the person Valkyrie couldn’t beat, the Demon King. Since Ziggy’s offline, Shiki will do. Shiki promises to fight her one day as they promised.

Homura looks so cute when she’s embarrassed.

So it looks like Homura is going to stick with the crew now, along with Weisz. Weisz may act like a scoundrel (and a slight pervert), but you can’t deny that he’s a good person. He’s like a young Han Solo.

Also, that robot-thing has joined them. It was a part of Rogue Out, but it was actually Sister’s servant. Fake Sister forced it to serve her while the real one was imprisoned. Guess he’s a part of the crew now, as well. I can’t remember what he does, but Sister Ivry says he’s in charge of doing all the chores. Well, the more the merrier!

I feel sorry for Weisz, though. If Sister Ivry ever finds out he shot him full of holes on Guilst, she’s going to kill him. That said, I like Sister more and more. She can go from sassy one minute to caring and nurturing the next like she is with Mosco.

There seems to be a much bigger problem brewing, however. In another location, it’s revealed that due to the Chronophage attacking Guilst, it released an evil from the past. We don’t know much about him, other than that he was the one who turned Guilst into the lawless dystopia we saw it as. He’s a member of the Oracion Seis Galatica, and he’s called:

I don’t know what Oracion Seis Galactica is, but given how Mashima has used that as the name for a group of villains in Rave and Fairy Tail, it can’t be good. It seems that Shiki and the others may have a powerful new enemy to face in the future. Where it goes from here, though, is anybody’s guess.

I’m just happy that the Guilst Arc is over. It was exciting, but I couldn’t handle having to deal with seeing bad things happen to the gang. I know that’s a given, but having to wait a week to find out if characters you like are all right is torture. Next week, we’ll be moving on to the next arc in Eden’s Zero. I hope Mashima keeps improving his work. This is good stuff!

Thanks for reading, guys! Jay out!


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