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End of Guilst. The Chronophage Comes

Eden’s Zero Chapter 27 Review/Recap

Well, that wrapped up faster than I thought it would! It seems that the Guilst Arc of Eden’s Zero is, for the most part, over. There will be a follow-up chapter or two that wraps everything up as we transition to the next arc, but the climax has come and gone. It’s established in the last chapter that there were only ten minutes left before the Chronophage attacked Guilst. It’s every man for themselves on the planet.

The Chronophage is coming
End of days, people!

Pretty accurate representation of an apocalypse.

You think?

Of course, Rebecca and Pino wait for Shiki and the others. I admire the fact that they don’t panic. But then the giant tree goes berserk because “the planet’s Ether is counterflowing”, as Pino puts it. Global destruction logic.

The trees block Eden’s Zero from getting any closer, but Weisz and Homura make short work of them. Weisz can make flamethrowers out of guns now, but the big thing I took away is Sister’s reaction to Homura’s sword. She was as shocked as Witch was, which means she’s familiar with Homura’s powers. That makes my theory of Homura being connected to one of the Fours Shining Stars even more plausible.

The heroes escape the Chronophage
Nice drawing.

After the two powerhouses cut an opening, Shiki demonstrates his creativity. He uses his Gravity Ether Gear to propel them to the ship, and then they punch it as the Chronophage shows up.

We then witness what happens to a planet a Chronophage attacks.

Chronophage eats Guilst time

The creature swallows the planet and then passes through it, taking some of its time with it. In this case, Guilst’s back 1200 years into the past, before anyone lived on it.


Guilst must have been a fun place to visit in Weisz’s youth if his stories are anything to go by, but it had turned into a den of greed and vice. Seeing it return to this state is the best outcome.

So, the Eden’s Zero crew made it off. The B-Cubers and the girls Illega had imprisoned made it off the planet. That leaves Illega and the members of Rogue Out. , I couldn’t care less if Illega died from the Chronophage, but I’d like to see more of Rogue Out. Jinn, at least, seems like he could become a recurring enemy. As for the Fake Sister, she is either alive or dead.

This was a short chapter, but that’s a good thing. It wrapped up the Guilst Arc and without any extra hassle. In the next few chapters, I want to learn how Sister Ivry got captured and what that imposter wanted her for. As for Rebecca, something tells me she’s going to find herself with several thousand more subscribers soon.

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