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Sister Takes Grief From No One

Edens Zero Chapter 26 Review/Recap

At last! I have been waiting patiently for two weeks to see the new chapter of Edens Zero and it did not fail to disappoint. Picking up where we left off the last chapter, it is confirmed that the one in the basement is the real Sister, Sister Ivry. She came to Guilst ten years ago for a mission, but she got captured. Then that imposter started using her powers for evil.

Fake Sister tries to say that she never meant to keep her powers and just “wanted to heal her friends”, and that she worships Sister. Yeah, not buying it, and neither is Sister Ivry.

Sister takes crap from no one.

Man, she is sassy. I like her!

So she decides to throw in with Shiki as the new Demon King, but first she decides to complete her mission. Which, apparently involves stripping off her Nun’s habit. Mashima got that from Gray, didn’t he?

Sister strips to use her powers for some reason
What is it with Mashima and people stripping?

Well, whatever she did, it seems to have freed all the girls that Illega trapped in stone. That beats me solution of finding that stone ray-gun and hitting the reverse switch.

Jinn crushes the fake Sister

Shiki and the crew leave Jinn and Rogue Out behind, and Jinn does not take being lied to well. I think he crushes her head. That is dark! I just wanted to leave her to the Chronophage.

Speaking of the Chronophage, there’s only ten minutes left before it arrives on Guilst, and most people are scrambling to get to ships and leave. Lucky for the B-Cubers and the freed girls, Illega’s tower has plenty of ships. They’re going to use them to escape, but Rebecca decides to stay behind and escape with Shiki and the other.

Clock is Ticking

Ten minutes is not a lot of time before the Chronophage arrives, but I know the crew of the Edens Zero will be fine. They have plot armor! I just want to see if any of the bad guys will get stuck behind. Especially Illega.

I won’t forgive Illega for what he did to those girls, or what he implied he was going to do to Rebecca.

What did you guys think of the chapter and of the real Sister Ivry? I personally like her. I don’t know why, but she seems to remind me of someone I have seen before. I’m not referring to Grey and his stripping habit, though (Character from Fairy Tail, powerful wizard but has bad habit of walking around shirtless or in his underwear).

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