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Orochi is a Pig

One Piece Chapter 929 Review/Recap

I believe that last week I said something about this part of the Wano Arc being akin to a season of the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones. A lot of these chapters are about the build up to the climax of the arc. That’s normally what happens, but moreso this time around, because of the scope of what is happening and how the Straw Hats are all off on their separate missions. If Game of Thrones has taught me anything, it’s that we need to be patient with this slow burn, because the payoff is going to be jaw-dropping.

Back to the missions. Franky took up his job as a shipwright, aside from it being his profession if Spandam didn’t ruin everything, because his boss had plans to Orochi’s mansion. Key word being had: he sold them years ago. So Franky gets fired for making a scene and then has to tell the Alliance that he can’t find the plans.

That guy who cameos in everything in One Piece

Oh, and his boss is actually that shipwright guy that Oda has been letting make cameos for years. Nice.

It seems like no matter what the Straw Hats do, they can’t seem to stay out of trouble in the end. That makes four of them have already attracted attention to themselves.

Zoro’s Wanderings

Zoro and Tonoyasu

Speaking of which, Zoro has gotten himself a traveling companion, this male geisha named Tonoyasu. He’s been sticking to Zoro after seeing him beat the snot out of some Yakuza thugs, and basically being his unofficial hype man. The two of them are headed to the Flower Capital but are making a quick stop in Leftover Town.

Orochi the Parasite

In the Flower Capital, Orochi continues being a hypocrite. He’s an all-around example of everything I despise in a ruler by negotiating with more outsiders. This time, it’s CP-0, the World Noble’s spy agency. With Doflamingo having fallen from power, the World Government has to trade for weapons directly with Orochi.

Orochi decides to arrogantly flaunt his power by demanding they give him Dr. Vegapunk. Then he shoots one of the CP-0 agents, since he knows the World Nobles can’t touch him.

In fact, the only reason Orochi has stayed in power is because of Kaido. If it wasn’t for him, I think a lot of Wano would turn on him.

Orochi, the False Shogun of Wano
He parties away while his country starves.

Back in the Capital, Sanji’s attack on the Yakuza has attracted the attention of two of Kaido’s strongest Headliners, X Drake and Page One. Both have eaten Devil Fruits that let them turn into dinosaurs, so they are dangerous. So now Sanji has to deal with that.

There is one week remaining until the Fire Festival and the Alliance launches its assault. Slowly but surely, all the players are headed towards the capital, albeit some have found obstacles. My gut tells me that Sanji should go into hiding for now and not blow their cover, but if he somehow took out the two Headliners, that would be a serious blow to Kaido’s strength. Either way, I am so looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter.

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